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  Guady 09:24 16 Nov 2010

I've received 2 e-mails (supposedly) from DHL and including attachments which I've not yet opened! Does anyone know of a current virus scam from this address? I looked in Properties and it says but I know that sometimes people can set it up to look realistic! The problem is that I am expecting something from Amazon (a present) but when I've ordered stuff from them, I don't recall that they ever ask for the e-mail address of the recipient. Can anyone shed any light on this, please.

  BRYNIT 09:51 16 Nov 2010

The first thing I would be considering was how did DHL get your email address. The sender of your order would not supply it and if you had contacted DHL it would be more personal.

Usually they would try and deliver the good and leave a card if your were not at home.

  Terry Brown 09:53 16 Nov 2010

Yes , there was a scam about a year ago, it was featured on Watchdog.
Unfortunatly I cannot remember many of the details.
Can anyone else remember ?

  961 09:58 16 Nov 2010

If you go on to the amazon web site you should be able to check the progress of your order and which courier is transporting it

You should also be able to check where it is in the carriers chain

I have in the distant past had a virus via a dhl attachment and would not open such a thing

  birdface 09:59 16 Nov 2010

click here
Scam still ongoing by the look of things.
it warns you not to open the Zip file that is attached.

  bremner 10:00 16 Nov 2010

This is what Terry Brown refers to click here

  compumac 15:45 16 Nov 2010

Would say that this is definitely as scam. I have had three e-mails of this typein the past month when no deliveries were expected or made.

  compumac 15:47 16 Nov 2010

Addendum - Ask yourself as to why they would need to send an attachment.

  morddwyd 15:48 16 Nov 2010

If DHL had any queries with an Amazon delivery they would take it up with Amazon, not you.

Amazon have spent too much time and effort building their reputation to play fast and loose with customers' e-mail addresses.

  Sea Urchin 22:51 16 Nov 2010

Yes, it is a scam without any doubt. As Terry Brown says it has been going for some time, and has recently been undergoing a revival.

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