DHCP server refuses to turn off on Belkin F5D7633

  Tain 15:45 15 Aug 2006

DHCP server remains on on my Belkin F5D7633 even when i loginto the router and tell it to turn off. It says restart, but when restarted the router displays the DHCP server as on.

This is causing me right headaches as I can't run any game servers or use a torrent until this is off? Anyone got any ideas?

  recap 16:03 15 Aug 2006

Don't know if this will help, but if you are using XP, go to Administrative Tools/Services and turn it off from here.

  ade.h 16:09 15 Aug 2006

It needs to be turned off at both the host and the clients, recap, but your comment has made me wonder whether the router is responding in some way to the inevitable DHCP requests that will occur while the DHCP Client service is running on one or more clients by switching the DHCP server back on.

  BigMoFoT 12:51 25 Aug 2006

Your network card on your client (presumably meaning a PC or laptop) to automatically configure then if your router has DHCP activated then it will issue an IP address that is specified within it's range. IF you are turning DHCP off on your router then no ip addresses will be broadcast and your client will be issued a random meaningless IP address by the O/S.

Check your client IP AFTER you turn DHCP off and if it has an IP within the range of your router for example then DHCP is still on. IF it has an IP of 169.254.68 for example then that is windows generating a random IP and your DHCP is in fact turned off.

  FelixTCat 14:17 25 Aug 2006


With some routers you have to specifically tell them to save settings after you have changed them - it isn't automatic. If you don't, the change is lost on a reboot.



  ade.h 14:40 25 Aug 2006

Belkins just require you to click Apply.

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