DHCP not allocating address

  pacman05 23:24 03 Feb 2009

I've got Dell Dimension 4700 that had a hard disk failure. A colleague of mine managed to recover all the data so no problem there. He returned the disk to me in a clean state so I have re-installed XP from the Dell disks. I need to download and install the service packs so that I can re-install my apps and reload the data.

I have a Thomson Speedtouch 576 which the PC used to connect through. I also have 2 other laptops, an iPod Touch, DS, Wii which all connect to the internet no problem.

I use a Belkin High Speed Mode Wireless G Adapter F5D7051 to connect the PC. I have installed the utility and the PC finds my network no problem, but it will not take the DHCP allocated address, but insists on using an Automatic Private address in the range 169.254.x.x I've tried no end of reconfigurations, such as allocating fixed IP address that matches the router one, setting alternnate private address, fixing the IP address in the router configuration. I've removed the configuration in the router, only for a new one to be created. I've renamed the PC so that it is starting totally afresh in the router.

The adapter is located in the room directly above the router and the signal strength is very good or excellent.

Very occassionally I get an internet connection following a config change and reboot of the PC, but it does not hold up long enough for the Windows update to run.
Even the router shows that the device is active for a while, and then becomes inactive.

Any suggestions gratefully received, especially as I have now wasted the best part of 10 hours on this.

  brundle 11:09 04 Feb 2009

What encryption is in use? Reduce it to WEP with a short encryption key until SP1/2 or 3 is installed.
Disable any Belkin wireless management software and let Windows manage that side of things itself.

  pacman05 11:54 04 Feb 2009

Thanks brundle
Encryption is 128bit WEP. Loathe to change the key because of all the other devices will have to be changed too, it's just a pain to have to do it, and will as a last resort.

After reading an earlier posting, I disabled and uninstalled Belkin utility, allowed Windows to install the driver and manage the Wireless, but exactly the same thing happened.

Am I supposed to do anything with Internet Connections in IE?

  brundle 13:25 04 Feb 2009

What service pack (if any) is currently installed on the Dell? My memory is a little hazy, but I believe pre-SP1 systems only support 40 bit WEP, not 128 bit. SP2 added WPA2 support.

Get SP3 as a single download and install it if you haven't already. click here

Shouldn't be any need to touch Internet Connections, but you might want to try running the Internet Connection Wizard, even if the machine won't actually connect to the net.

  pacman05 22:54 04 Feb 2009

Thank you so much for the advice. The Dell XP Home disk shows SP 1a. I did as you suggested, downloaded SP3 onto my laptop, copied over and installed onto the desktop.

After installation DHCP allocated the IP address immediately and it's been fine following at least 3 reboots.

Now I can recover all my apps and data.

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