DG834G Install Help

  PudgieTheSheep 23:48 13 Aug 2006

i really need help installing said router. i have used the disk and got as far in the installation as the first progress bar and it says that the router is not recognised

  PudgieTheSheep 23:58 13 Aug 2006

sorry, ment to say its a netgear and i have a dell inspiron 8600 notebook intel centrino technology

  mgmcc 08:36 14 Aug 2006

You shouldn't need a disk to set up a router. Connect your laptop to the router by ethernet cable, open your web browser and type into the address bar. This should open the router's Setup pages from where you can configure it (a) to connect to the internet and (b) so that you can connect to it "wirelessly" and dispense with the cable.

  PudgieTheSheep 12:45 14 Aug 2006

when i do enter the into my a/b it just displays "cannot find server - this page cannot be displayed"

  mgmcc 13:06 14 Aug 2006

OK, the PC may not have got an IP address automatically from the router. Open the Network Connections folder, right click the "Local Area Connection" and select Properties. Highlight the entry for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. Select "Use the following IP address" and enter these settings:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway - (the router's IP address)

DNS Server address - (the router's IP address)

Click 'OK' back through the two dialog boxes. See if you can now access the router's Setup pages by entering into your web browser.

  Ruchef 13:06 14 Aug 2006

Some Netgear routers use
Try that, have you tried temporarly disabling your firewall?

  PudgieTheSheep 13:28 14 Aug 2006

i have tried both ideas and still nothing will work

  BurrWalnut 15:33 14 Aug 2006

Did you put the h t t p : / / (spaced for clarity) in front of the

  ade.h 15:36 14 Aug 2006

You don't need to do that. Your browser will resolve it.

  bigg21 18:15 27 Aug 2006

any idea how thisa problem was resolved. I have the same problem at the moment

  bigg21 18:24 27 Aug 2006

the router is flashing and according to the manual it should be a constant light?????

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