Devolo Homeplug problem

  mikeystipe 17:03 06 Mar 2008


I'm having problems with my Devolo Homeplugs - I'm hoping it's something obvious!

I have the DLink HighSpeed Ethernet Starter Kit

I have installed the software on my main PC and connected the Homeplug adapter to my ADSL Broadband Modem/Router (BT Voyager 2110)

I have connected the other adapter to my remote PC to it's internal modem.

I've set up the DLAN and both units appear to be connected when I look in the "Informer" software on my main PC.


I am unable to access Internet from the remote PC.

Obvious question(s)

i) Do I need to install Devolo Software on both PCs? - currently only on main PC connected to router.

ii) Do I need to modify any settings on my modem/router?

No useful info in the Devolo FAQs but I've emailed them in any case.

Thanks in advance.

  coolcyclist 23:02 06 Mar 2008

The homeplug on your remote PC should be connected to the ethernet port not the internal modem.

If it does not have an ethernet port you will need to install a network card.

Neither computers require any additional software to work, and your router does not need to have any change to its' settings.

  mikeystipe 10:48 07 Mar 2008

Apologies - I meant plugged into the Ethernet port not internal modem.

I'm fairly confident this is working as when I attempt to connect to internet and run Internet Explorer Network Diagnostic I receive a message saying I have a network connection (but presumably only to the dLAN.

Should I be able to "see" the main PC - i.e. the one connected to the router from my remote PC - via any of the usual diagnostic tools?

  Ashrich 20:11 07 Mar 2008

" Should I be able to "see" the main PC - i.e. the one connected to the router from my remote PC - via any of the usual diagnostic tools? "

Only if your firewall is told to allow this , try everything again but with the firewalls temporarily disabled .


  mikeystipe 20:00 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for all the help.
The problem turned out to be that there was know default gateway value set on the remote pc.

I set this and I was able to get to Internet via my route.

Thanks, Mike

  GAldo 09:03 19 Apr 2008

PC ethernet connected to homeplug.
Homeplug connected by ethernet to belkin router.

The homeplugs see each other and windows shows as the network as connected or sometimes as acquiring network address. If I leave the windows network setup as "Obtain IP automatically" the address given is completely different to the IP addresses the router normally allocates. If you manually set the IP address then windows shows as connected yet it still wont connect to the internet. I guess I am being firewalled somehow but cant seem to get around it. Any help please

  mikeystipe 18:12 19 Apr 2008

Hi Galdo,

Not sure if your set up is same as mine (different router).

This is what I did - On the PC using the "remote" Devolo adapter.

i) Look in Network Connections under Control Panel
ii) Select the Local Area Connection and from the General Tab select - Internet Connection(TCP/IP) and click on Properties for this.

iii) Select "Use The Following IP Address"
I used the following values but yours may well be different.

IP Address (The IP address of your network card)

Subnet Mask :

Default Gateway (This will be the same address as your router as this is your way out to the telephone network and the Internet)

Hope this helps. If it doesn't try to give me more details of your setup


  GAldo 17:33 20 Apr 2008

Hi and Thanks Mikeystripe. I had mac addressing filtering set up on my router, I had entered the mac address of the 2 plugs but when connected the network has is own (or this may the address of the network card). After putting this address into my list all connected up.

I was wondering can you add other brands of plug and connect to the Develo's. i found this site which sells homeplugs for <£20.
click here
For that price i would consider getting a couple of extra plugs

can you mix and match brands ?

  dms_05 14:58 21 Apr 2008

All Homeplugs will work with each other. However be careful - by default the manufacturer has probably used his own name for the security setting so you will need to edit the name of any different Homeplugs you add to a network. Look in set up to check.

  GAldo 23:55 25 Apr 2008

Cheers dms_05 I'll give these brand of plugs a try and report back (it may be a few weeks time).
I have had my Develos for a week now and pleased with the constant connection I am getting. My wireless would somtimes get knocked out when the kids switched on thier laptops or the PC got overworked (its old, pentium III).
I've not noticed any increase in download speeds but I am not sure you are meant to. The stable conection was worth the investment.

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