devices with removeable devices help needed

  sydsnoopy 20:26 30 Jul 2009

all the devices in my computer under devices with removeable devices none off them are working since i used a program called resregery mercanic can you help me please thankyou

  rdave13 20:28 30 Jul 2009

Try in registry mechanic to restore from a backup it made.

  sydsnoopy 20:33 30 Jul 2009

why would it do this

  peter99co 20:39 30 Jul 2009

I lost my G H and I drives. A post on here said to shut down and then turn off the computer and then turn off the power at the wall socket. Then press the Start button on the front of the tower for 30 secs. Switch everything back on and start as normal.

I did this and the drives reappeared.

Don't ask me how but it worked.

  DieSse 20:41 30 Jul 2009

"why would it do this"

Because it doesn't work correctly??

Registry Cleaners can be bit "touchy" - that's why they or you should always do a registry backup before running.

  sydsnoopy 20:43 30 Jul 2009

i didnt do a back up at all they are showing but no action

  Kevscar1 20:49 30 Jul 2009

go to device manager, uninstall them and then reboot. hopefully windows will reinstall them

  sydsnoopy 21:53 30 Jul 2009

thats makes no diffrence thanks this happened when i started using resrty mecanic

  woodchip 21:55 30 Jul 2009

Thats why I steer clear of most of these so called Reg Cleaners. The one I use and only one is Cleanup in its default state

  sydsnoopy 21:57 30 Jul 2009

i agree

  sydsnoopy 13:30 31 Jul 2009

what could i do a system restore

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