Device Manager in windows 98

  Shorty123 14:07 01 May 2005

Hi, having trouble getting sound on a game just installed on old packard bell windows 98 pc. I cannot configure the audio controls so I'm trying to find out if there's a sound card installed or if its onboard sound. Is the best place to find this out Device Manager, and if so how do I find it (i am used to XP so struggling with 98).
Thanks, Shorty

  Completealias 14:15 01 May 2005

If I remember correctly it is still right click my computer properties and you'll find the device manager there somewhere, otherwise try the control panel and system and you should find it there.

Yes if there is a sound card installed it should list it in the device manager

  Shorty123 14:19 01 May 2005

Thanks for that, got it. In device manager it says
PCI 338-A3D Audio....does this mean the pc has a sound card or is it on board sound?
Thanks again...

  bremner 14:22 01 May 2005

It would seem to be a card click here=

To be sure why not have a look at the back of the machine. If the sound connections are in a PCI slot bay you will know for sure.

  Completealias 14:25 01 May 2005

I think the fact that is says PCI leads me to think that it is a seperate card probably the easiest way is to have a look round the back to see where the sound card ports are, is there any conflicts showing in the device manager

  Shorty123 14:34 01 May 2005

Thanks. Hate to sound thick but I don't know what a pci slot bay looks like or how to see where the sound card ports are. There are no conflicts showing in device manager and all other games are working fine. The game (Commanche 3) had an option to configure sound its a bit double dutch to me. First we had no sound at all so I altered some of the settings in sound config and now as soon as we go on the game it emits a high pitched continuous beep. I have tried to uninstall (with a view to reinstalling) but cannot - its not in Add/Remove programs and there is no uninstall option in Programs. Help!

  Completealias 14:42 01 May 2005

The sound card ports will be mini jack plugs ones normally green, one red and one blue I think. The PCI bay is going to be down towards the bottom of the tower not near the plugs for the keyboard and mouse. If the sound card ports are by the plugs for the keyboard and mouse then it i'll b an onboard sound card other wise its seperate.

You'll need to configure the sound card in the game I think to get it working correctly if the sounds fine with everything else.

Is there not an option to auto config the sound card in the menu?

  Shorty123 14:55 01 May 2005

Ok thanks. The sound card ports are in a pci bay.
When I go into Audio set-up I get two choices, Digital sound device or Music Device. I selected the first. That gives me various choices, the first one being Autodetection. When I click on this it says "An error occurred when setup attempted to set up your sound card. You will need to configure it manually." The choices I theh have are: No Sound, Soundblaster 1.0, lots of other Soundblaster versions, Microsoft Sound System and Crystal then loads of numbers. Any ideas?
Cheers I am getting lots of exercise running up and downstairs between that pc and this one!

  Shorty123 15:54 01 May 2005

I've done it!!! Faffed and twiddled and messed about and finally managed to get sound, I now have a happy son. Thanks all.

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