Device manager

  tomtojo 11:15 12 Jan 2007

Hi everyone,
When in device manager, there is a problem with :ethernet controller: but everything is working fine, can anyone tell me what this device is
for, and do I just ignore it if everything is OK.

Thanks alot,

  terryf 11:19 12 Jan 2007

To find out if it is needed go to it in device manager and right click>uninstall then re-boot and let win find it. You MAY then be asked about drivers for this device or win will just find existing drivers and solve any problems

  Gongoozler 11:22 12 Jan 2007

tomtojo, are you using a Local Area Network, for example are you networking two or more computers via Ethernet cable? If not then you aren't using the ethernet controller anyway.

  rmcqua 11:29 12 Jan 2007

If you are accessing the internet via a wireless network, then your ethernet controller is not needed. In this case, it's best to disable it (the problem with it is most likely a driver problem).

  tomtojo 11:34 12 Jan 2007

No not on LAN, but three OS on one PC, is all OK,
Thanks , Gongoozler and terryf,


  tomtojo 11:39 12 Jan 2007

Thanks rmcqua
I am using basic modem, I can get on the net no problem,

  vinnyT 13:22 12 Jan 2007

You will only require the ethernet controller drivers if you start to use a router/modem to either connect to a LAN or the internet, otherwise just leave it as is.

  tomtojo 14:02 12 Jan 2007

Thanks alot everyone,


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