Detonator Drivers

  simonsup 22:33 19 May 2003

Hi all, anyone tried the latest Nvidia Detonator
drivers with Xp pro. (V.44.03)
i`m using the 43.45 version with no problems apart from the usual xp restarting lark.
Would these latest drivers maybe cure this dreaded problem which i have been plaged with for so long now I`ve forgotton when it started
No seriously are these drivers anygood?
cheers :)

  Stuartli 22:37 19 May 2003

I've had no problems but in my case it's with Win98SE.

  mikef™ 22:49 19 May 2003

I've been using them with XP home since they came out last week no problems at all. Also see click here

  grabster 06:33 20 May 2003

Had to switch back to the previous with my xp home setup,several games were unbearably slow....Bongo boogie + doulber which happen to be the most played games among the ladies in our house,and i had quite a few freezes which havent returned since i changed back.

  hoverman 06:42 20 May 2003

I installed the 44.03 drivers last week and have not had any problems (OS XP Home). Tried several games and they run fine. Mind you, I can't see any difference compared to the previous 43.45 drivers, but this is often the case when drivers are updated.

  simonsup 19:38 20 May 2003

thanks for the replies, gonna try them and i`ll post back if i have any problems,
i do have a small problem when installing graphics drivers, I uninstall the current detonator drivers but because i have SP1 installed with xp pro,when i install the new drivers windows says i still have old drivers installed, please remove these prior to installing the new drivers even though i have uninstalled the old drivers.
is this something to do with SP1 or can anybody show me the correct way of getting detonator drivers installed.
My system:
Athlon XP1800+ cpu
Gigabyte GA 7ZXE with 512meg pc133 sdram with latest via 4in1 drivers (Via KT133A Chipset)
Ibm deskstar 82 gig harddrive
Creative Geforce4 Ti4200 64meg Graphics
Creative 1024 Live soundcard
Artec 48/12/48 Cdrw
16x Dvd drive
Qtec 550Watt Psu
Windows XP Pro with SP1

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