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  Phil930 05:02 16 Apr 2004

I just installed an Asus A7N8X. The model and BIOS is Asus 87N8X2.0 ACPI Bios 1007.

My core components are AMD XP2400 (266FSB), 2*512 DDR PC2100, GF4Ti4600 128DDR (AGP4x), Primary 120Gb Maxtor ATA 133, Slave 60Gb Maxtor ATA 133, Soundblaster Live Player 5.1 Digital.

Key Bios settings i need help with:

CPU VCore Setting 1.600V
Frequency 133MHz, Frequency Multiple 7.0x/15.0x. I have choice to increase multiple - would this overclock?

Graphic Aperture Size - Currently set to 64Mb. Size choices of 32/64/128/256/512

AGP Frequency - Currently Auto. Choice of 50MHz through to 100MHz.

AGP 8x - Enabled. I can't take advantage of this can i? My card is 4x but is there harm in having 8x enabled?

Primary VGA BIOS - Currently 'PCI VGA Card'. Other choice is 'AGP VGA Card'. Manual says to change if i am using an AGP Card??

Hardware monitoring - Mobo Temp 35C/98F, CPU 48C/118F, CPU Fan Speed 4500RPM,Fan Speed Rotation 10/15.

Two further questions non Bios related. I have enabled a memory performance option i read about. the option is;
'Go to start\run\regedit -and then to the following key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

1.DisablePagingExecutive -double click it and in the decimal put a 1 - this allows XP to keep data in memory now instead of paging sections of ram to harddrive yeilds faster performance.

2.LargeSystemCache- double click it and change the decimal to 1 -this allows XP Kernel to Run in memory improves system performance alot'

Is this beneficial?

Thankyou for any assistance in helping me optimise my computer.

  temp003 05:49 16 Apr 2004

Hi again. 2400+'s native clock speed is about 2GHz. It should be 133MHz x 15. Choose 15.

When in doubt, leave default BIOS settings alone.

Graphic Aperture size - This is the the amount of maximum system RAM (from your 1GB of memory) to be given to the display card if needed. The amount is not locked to the card, so that if card doesn't need it, the memory is still available for system use. If set too high, and card does need and use it, means less memory for system and other applications. With 1GB memory, this should not happen. However, 64MB for AGP Aperture is fairly standard. You have 128MB already on the display card and that's quite good. Quite often display cards with 256MB on most games show little advantage over 128MB cards. No need to change. If you want, you can test a higher setting and run the most memory intensive game you play and see if it makes any difference. But I still wouldn't set it higher than 128MB. If you run into problems, set it back to 64MB.

AGP frequency - this is the AGP bus, which ought to be 66MHz. You won't need to adjust it unless you are overclocking your FSB and want to manually adjust the AGP bus to achieve stability. Leave it at Auto.

AGP 8x - shouldn't matter enabled or not as your card is 4x.

Primary VGA BIOS - Doesn't really matter as you only have an AGP card. But follow the manual's suggestion anyway.

  Phil930 21:22 16 Apr 2004


  ade.h 23:20 16 Apr 2004

Your CPU temp is a little higher than average, but within tolerance. If you want it cooler, it can be done with a lower fan speed by using a better fan, such as a Zalman. click here

I haven't heard about that tweak you mentioned; but as long your system is still stable even when being pushed, then it's probably fine. Can you provide a link to the website you found it on?

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