Destroying old hard drive

  Molly_Don 21:32 29 Jul 2009

Now my hard drives been changed, can someone suggest how to dispose of the old hard drive as PC World wanted £30.00 to wipe it.

  octal 21:35 29 Jul 2009

I had a drive at work that I wanted to destroy the data. I dismantled it and removed the platers and smashed them up then disposed of the electronics in the WEEE bin.

  DerekR 21:35 29 Jul 2009

My last one had a rather short dance with a 9lb lump hammer, then went into the bin

  MAT ALAN 21:38 29 Jul 2009

as PC World wanted £30.00 to wipe it.

corse they do, just about made my day!!!

take it to bits then have a bit of fun with ya mates on who can seperate the magnets the quickest...

  Molly_Don 21:46 29 Jul 2009

OK cheers, I get the point.

  wee eddie 22:18 29 Jul 2009

Get an Enclosure (About £15.00) and turn it into an External Hard Drive and use it for back-up or storage.

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