Destroying old CD-Rs

  sheila.weston 09:33 29 Jun 2007

Is there a way in which I can make old CDs and DVDs unreadable? I have several dozen to throw away and suddenly realised what a lot of personal data they contain. Would a single large scratch across the surface be sufficient? I don't fancy going through them individually to delete the data.

Thanks, as always.


  Stuartli 09:35 29 Jun 2007

Put your foot on them - scratching disks won't make them completely unreadable, but in the form of small pieces...:-)

  rawprawn 09:52 29 Jun 2007

I cut mine up,but several dozen would take a long time. Try doing 3 a day

  sheila.weston 10:02 29 Jun 2007

Many thanks. I tried breaking them by bending - too tough! Yes, cutting seems to be the obvious answer which I hadn't thought of!!

  Stuartli 10:56 29 Jun 2007

I forgot to say put your foot on them " a cardboard box..", then you can dispose of the pieces easily afterwards.

  HCOOH 10:57 29 Jun 2007

I post mine through the slot in my garden shredder.

  spuds 11:31 29 Jun 2007

Health and safety are not going to like this, but dropping them in a lawn mower with a 'contained' box provided total destruction in rapid time. Goggle,gloves, keep fingers away from rotating blade and outside testing ground recommended ;o)

  pj123 12:57 29 Jun 2007

I just use a Bradawl and scribble lots of circles all over the surface.

Alternatively, you could put them on a piece of concrete, stand on them and spin round a couple of times?

  brundle 13:00 29 Jun 2007

Write `James Blunt Compilation` on them, no-one will touch them then...

  Input Overload 13:48 29 Jun 2007

They cut in half quite easily with a pair of kitchen scissors.

  A-Nonymous 13:50 29 Jun 2007

Get a shreadder that can shread disks

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