Destoying CD ROMS

  ewebber 17:47 23 Aug 2005

Dear All,
After having a long overdue spring clean I have realised that I have lots of CD ROMS that I do not want anymore, but has sensitive data on, so I need to either destroy them or delete the information on them. Does anyone know a cheap way of doing this, that doesn't mean spending loads of money on a shreader that can do CD ROMS?
Thank you.

  johnnyrocker 17:49 23 Aug 2005

burn them? (not electronically)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 23 Aug 2005

Brillo pad

  Diemmess 17:57 23 Aug 2005

can be hard on the thumbs when they "go" almost explosively

  ewebber 18:00 23 Aug 2005

Thanks for the suggestions.
the snapping is hard work, tried that one before.
Fire could be a no, no in an office building, so maybe the brillo pad could do it, I'll look round the office for someone who may be able to spend some time on that one!

  mattyc_92 18:02 23 Aug 2005

You could even use a "ball-point" pen to scratch the surface (works like the brillo pads idea)

  Philwane 18:04 23 Aug 2005

Get a good pair of heavy duty scissors and cut them in half

  ewebber 18:12 23 Aug 2005

I like the scissor idea for its ease and lack of messyness.

  seedie 18:24 23 Aug 2005

Stick em in the microwave. :))) LOL

  selfbuild 19:22 23 Aug 2005

Rub them against a brick or concrete wall.

  Stuartli 19:30 23 Aug 2005

Put the disks on an uneven surface and jump on them...:-)

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