desperate for solution

  drdeath 20:30 01 Jun 2004

please help, every time i want to go internet i click on my isp icon on desktop, but it defaults to internet exploer connection, which is slow, ive tried to ammend setting without any joy !! help thanks in advance

  rickf 20:49 01 Jun 2004

Not quite sure what you mean. IE is the browser and you isp is your inetrnet provider. If you mean you want to go straight to your isp hompage, then go to internet options in control panel and type in your isp url as homepage and it should take you straight there the next time you click IE on your desktop.

  Fruit Bat 20:52 01 Jun 2004

do you want to connect to yor isp via broadband?

Your IE6 default connection may still be set to your old dial up setting?

Post back and we can sort if this is the case.

  drdeath 20:57 01 Jun 2004

do not have broadband!!!! basically i have just changed to a new isp, every time i click on isp icon on desktop it takes me to internet via internet explorer, which means im on the web with ie application, instead of isp does this make sense? thanks

  VoG II 20:58 01 Jun 2004

Erm, no!

  christmascracker 21:02 01 Jun 2004

Unless you have another browser installed whoever you connect with it will be through Internet explorer

  Fruit Bat 21:06 01 Jun 2004

You cannot get on the web with IE or equivalent.

IE is the program what converts thw web pages on various servers into a viewable format, your ISP is the companany that connects you to all the servers on the net ie like a big telephone exchange.

Someone tell me if I'm being too simplistic


  rickf 21:14 01 Jun 2004

That's what I have been saying to drdeath. Ie is the internet browser which you need to connect to the internet, broadband or otherwise. You can use alternatives like netscape,opera etc.Without a browser you cannot connect to the internet. Your isp is only the provider.Am I right in thinking that you want their homepage on connection. If this is so follow my first thread.

  HardChikn 21:34 01 Jun 2004

If you are not familiar with the Browser/ISP relationship, the chances are you've probably been using an online service like AOL. The sight at click here might offer you some insight and help.


  HardChikn 21:36 01 Jun 2004

Sorry, that should say site, not sight..!


  sattman 21:43 01 Jun 2004

Are you saying that internet explorer is the default page that you are browsing from ie using to browse

But that you want to change this to browse using the page of your service provider ie the one that you have just changed to.

If this is so then you need to make your new ISP your home page

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