Desperate Mother

  sylvia.wood 13:09 15 May 2011

Please help!

My nephew did some work on my PC a little while ago and told me that the graphic card was not well. Guess what...I went to its funeral yesterday. I now need to replace it. I have had the Dell Dimenson 9200 for about 5 years and cannot find the paper work which tells me what the part number is. The card looks very like a NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS, but the only details on the card is that it is a NVIDIA DCV-N3-GP on the side of the fan. I know nothing about graphic cards so I need mega help in finding a suitable replacement....assuming that as I cant find one on the internet that they don't make this model anymore. We are not big game players (daughter did play SIMS ) but son makes stop motion films and puts them on YouTube. Dell will charge me upwards of £18 to 'fix it' and worse it will take 5-7 days for it to come from USA. Can you helps me please?

  Ian in Northampton 13:49 15 May 2011

Sylvia: sorry to hear about your bereavement...

First: as a stop-gap measure, your 'onboard' graphics should still work. Rather than be without a PC, have you tried plugging your monitor into the other VGA output - the one that your PC would use if it didn't have a graphics card? It could be that your system will automatically revert to that - or you may need to uninstall (both logically and physically) your Nvidia card.

Second: I think Dell fitted a number of different graphics cards to the 9200. In fact, almost any graphics card should work - and could be fitted by anyone, perhaps even your nephew. It's not hard. Failing which, your local computer shop could probably do it for free if you bought the card from them (but you'll pay more for the card than you would online). For sure, Dell don't have to be involved.

Third: your machine should have a 'service tag' stuck to the back. It's probably 7 alpha and numeric characters. If you go to the Dell site support section, entering your service tag may well give you more information about what your PC was configured with.

  sylvia.wood 14:38 15 May 2011

Ian Thank you very much will try.

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