Desperate Help Needed...I've killed my mums PC!!!

  technochallenged 08:38 29 Feb 2008

Help Help Help, i think i've lost everything on my Desktop.

We are operating on Windows XP Service Pack 1 and for the last few weeks we keep having windows update popups saying update to SP2. I finally selected it and clicked to windows update to SP2. The problem is that it didnt indstall fully, and various little error messages were coming up. Things were still working, but error messages kept coming up. I thought a restart might help, so i reset the computor and it wouldnt load, it would just loop between the initial boot up and the fujitsu siemans logo. I pulled the plug to try again and now it will go past Fujitsu page (one where it says press tab for post screen and del for setup) and start loading xp (the page where the blue slider goes from side to side). But thats as far as it just resets and goes back to start.

What can i do? Is there anything i can do in 'Post' screen or in the 'set up'?

I cannot find our original XP disk, so cant put that in. I have another copy of XP, should i use that?

Am i going to lose all the files on the hard drive if i put another xp disk in??

Any help or advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. Only popped to my mums for a cuppa, decided to update her pc, and did this with her warning of 'don't muck it up' still ringing in my ears...HELP!!!!

Cheers Guys

  crosstrainer 08:39 29 Feb 2008

Tap the F8 Key whilst booting the machine, and try resoring to a point prior to the installation of SP2

  xania 08:43 29 Feb 2008

If you do get back up, I would stongly recommend making sure everything is backed up and then wipe and re-install Windows. If you've been running without SP2, odds on you have not installed any of the other security updates, so heaven knows what's got onto the PC - and it could well be this that stopped SP2 installing.

  Technotiger 08:45 29 Feb 2008
  technochallenged 08:46 29 Feb 2008

tried pressing F8 but its not doing anything. I can press DEL to load the setup page, is that the same thing...Sorry i am useless! And will back up everything if i manage to get back. Cheers

  technochallenged 08:49 29 Feb 2008

Tiger that link is perfect thanks, but i cant find the original disk. Using another copy of XP (mine) wont work the same will it??

  Demora 09:04 29 Feb 2008

The other xp cd might work providing you have your mums cd key (laptop....sholud be underneath....Desktop on the back of the case) as with a repair install you still need the key.

Once up and running use whatever spyware/adware scanner and virus checkers ect. As 'xania' Heavean knows whats got on there.


  birdface 09:18 29 Feb 2008

Tried pressing F8.You have to keep tapping F8 fairly quickly until it stops in safe mode.

  technochallenged 09:32 29 Feb 2008

Cheers Buteman...

Tried Safemode, but just had a massive list of system32 drivers appear then it shut down. Tried loading with last known good configuration and same happened. Tried and then restarted. Unless i can find original xp disk it looks like im doomed!

  Technotiger 09:36 29 Feb 2008

You can use any original XP CD, as long as you have your mums XP Key.

  johnnyrocker 09:41 29 Feb 2008

if you know so little about pc why muck about with someone elses?


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