Desperate help needed over file sharing!!!

  Ricky_Singh 16:08 27 Jul 2006

I have been trying for weeks to share files with my laptop and desktop pc. I have managed to get internet access on both my desktop and laptop but i can not share files unless i email them one by one which takes the mickey. I have tried the microsoft support and dell support and internet websites but still i unable to share files. I have got a router connected to my desktop pc via a enternet cable. Note my desktop pc has no network card. My laptop can get internet access and i think it is connected to the network. What i want to do is access files on my desktop. When i right click on a folder that i want to share on my desktop it tells me to run the network setup wizard. But on the wizard it asks me to choose my internet connection. I have two choices which are:

* Local Area Connection
* Speedtouch connection

Note i have pipex broadband internet. Also when i setted up my router i didnot need the speedtouch modem. Anywayz when i select Local Area Connection, a message popos up saying it cannot complete the wizard. What should i do? Its giving me a headache everyday. Is it because i havent got a network card on my desktop? Also how do i access the shard files from my laptop. Which folder will they appear in?

  ade.h 16:22 27 Jul 2006

Well firstly, that "Speedtouch" reference should not really be there; you obviously haven't uninstalled your old modem.

If you run the NSW, you need to choose the LAC. That is the connection to the LAN. But... do not need to run the NSW in order to set up and use shares.

  ade.h 16:23 27 Jul 2006

I was going to ask you to run us through, step by step, what you have done so far, so that we can see if you have missed anything.

  FelixTCat 16:50 27 Jul 2006


I am a little confused here. You say you have no network card in your desktop pc and it is connected to a router by ethernet cable. The only way you can connect an ethernet cable o a desktop is via an ethernet port, either on a card or built into the motherboard.

You also do not say how you get your internet connection. Do you have an adsl modem wireless router?

You need to check certain things as a minimum to be able to share files:

1. you are on the same network, ie all your IP addresses are in the same range such as 192.168.1.x

2. all your pcs have the same workgroup name eg MSHOME

3. each pc has a different computer name eg LAPTOP, DESKTOP

4. in TCP/IP properties you have enabled file and printer sharing on each pc

5. you have shared at least one folder on each pc

6. you have set your firewall to pass traffic to and from the range of network IP addresses used by your pcs



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