Desperate - HELP!!!!!!!!!

  Happy Hammer 11:37 16 Oct 2003

Hi there,
A friend sent me an email and it keeps coming through. So far, I've received it about 10,000 times?!?!

They sent it from a hotmail address and I use Outlook Express. I've tried blocking her and even delete her address but it still keeps coming through.

Does anyone know who/how/if it can be stopped? I don't want to change my email address.

Any help would be great!!

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:41 16 Oct 2003

Have you run an anti-virus program?

Hotmail is the cause of many pains :(

  keith-236785 11:47 16 Oct 2003

it is possible that you have a virus which is spoofing your friends e-mail address and trying to force your computer into a DOS (denial of service), do an online scan (trend housecall)

are you on broadband or dial-up?

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:48 16 Oct 2003

Happy Hammer have you got Mailwasher free from here click here to control your incoming e-mails?

ps Prem.Div. here we come

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