Spr 14:36 01 Oct 2004

I have wrote about this problem before, but of late it seem to be getting worst.
I am running Window XP Pentium 4, 2.40GHz. 30gb Partitioned HD (20& 10gb) with a Raid card & 512 Ram. When I boot up it takes over 1min 40sec to desktop. When I open a file Word, PSP Pro8, Outlook Express 6 etc it takes 20/30 sec to open, everything is slowing down now. I have received this message when opening a word doc “Not enough storage is available to complete this operation” more often than not I get “Program Not Responding” message.
I have run Norton Virus checker, SpyBot-Search & Destroy both tell me there is nothing wrong. I’ve Defrag, ran Check Disc all to no avail. Could the Ram need changing, at times I have heard a slight knocking noise coming from what I believe may be the HD do I need a new HD. Would re-install window do anything to help. I have removed the side panel incase it was overheating. The machine is only 18 months old.

  Noelg23 14:49 01 Oct 2004

soudns weird...but you mention this Norton Systemworks or Internet Security? Try uninstalling this and see what happens...if its anything Norton uninstall then try the system again...if you have broadband...make sure you turn on the XP Firewall...if this still doesnt solve the problem come back and we'll try other stuff...but I think you're on the right track there tho..

  Graham ® 14:52 01 Oct 2004

Clear out the Registry with Regsupreme. It will find hundreds of obsolete entries the first time.

click here

Then tidy up with Regcompact

click here

  Stuartli 14:57 01 Oct 2004

Don't remove the side panel - it will probably cause more problems than solve them.

Try this Microsoft errors solution page for XP (Source is the program, application, function etc and the ID the error message number (Not enough storage is available to complete this operation) is Error Message 8.

(click here

  It's Me 15:27 01 Oct 2004

Regsupreme appears to be free, Regcompact seems to cst 10$. Cost is not important unless it is a waste of time.

They look exactly what is needed, but will they work OK in XP.

  Stuartli 18:01 01 Oct 2004

Another point. System Restore, by default, takes up 12 per cent of your HDD capacity - it was set when HDDs were very much smaller than today's three-figure GB £50 upwards drives.

Try reducing System Restore to between three and six per cent (your largest drive is 20GB) from the slider configuration.

My 60GB drive is set at three percent and that's nearly 1,600MB.

  Dorsai 18:08 01 Oct 2004

A slight knocking noise..

Does this noise co-inside with the HDD light flashing on/off..

If so, it could be the HDD is on the way out as you suspect.

  stalion 18:08 01 Oct 2004

also scan with this for anything norton has missed probably plenty
click here

  Graham ® 19:23 01 Oct 2004

Both programs work fine in XP, tried and tested. Regcompact is free to download, it may be time-limited now.

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