In desparate Need!!!

  Bodice 11:37 17 Jan 2004

My not so clever boyfriend has been messing about with p2p sites, i have no idea what he's done but now he has wiped media centre of his files...
We have our own accounts and i have it on mine so can someone please tell me how to get it back on???

  howard60 11:45 17 Jan 2004

you do not state what your operating system is? if you have me or xp you could run system restore to take you back to before he messed about.

  Derek 11:50 17 Jan 2004

Many more details wanted.

  Bodice 12:08 17 Jan 2004

Firstly im running XP, I thought about the systems restore but I thought that would be a bit drastic, I was hoping there was another way as I have it on my account its just not on his...

  Bagsey 12:36 17 Jan 2004

System restore is not drastic as your data will usually be safe. Go back to a point when your system was fully functional and all should be well.

  Forum Editor 12:37 17 Jan 2004

about using the syastem restore tool - it only takes a couple of minutes, but you'll lose any software that you installed since the last restore point was set.

As this is only likely to be a day or so in the past it's usually not a problem so:-

Go to Start and select all programs/accessories,system tools/system restore.

When the restore point window opens, select the option to restore your computer to an earlier time, and then select one of the restore points that show in bold. Obviously you need to select a point between now and when your boyfriend did whatever he did.

That's it - WinXP will now do the rest, and when your computer restarts it will be as it was on the day you selected. Marvellous isn't it?

  Forum Editor 12:42 17 Jan 2004

well two actually:-

1. You won't lose any data files by restoring the system - even those that you created after the restore point that you select.

2. As soon as you're happy that your computer is back to normal, go back into the restore point window, but this time tell WinXP to create a restore point. Give it a name of your own choosing, so it's there if you need to go back again. These restore points don't last forever of course, WinXP creates them automatically when it's running, and each time a new restore point is added at the front of the list, one is rolled off the end - your own restore point will eventually vanish as new ones are created.

  Bodice 12:50 17 Jan 2004

I will try this and i have full faith that it will work, once again thanks peeps.

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