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  User-0F3D6582-60E1-462B-8A80311B91FFA02A 00:25 14 Apr 2003

i'm thinking of buying a laptop and was wondering what diffrence there is between a laptop and a desktop, is a 2.4 pentium4 the same in a laptop and in a desktop, is 32mg graphics card the same in both? with the size diffrence
you would think a laptop wouldn't have the power of a desktop or am i wrong?

  John-259217 00:49 14 Apr 2003

I have both types each with 2.4 P4 and 512k RAM. PC Mark 2002 gives the following results:-

Desktop cpu 5703, memory 5429, hdd 902.

Laptop cpu 2662(5736), memory 2463(4464), hdd 395(365)

Figures in bkts are with mains charger connected and the desktops hdd is a fast one so I guess it depends on what you use it for. Hdd speed is likely to be your biggest difference in use (they are the right way round so I don`t know why its slower with the mains!).
Graphics on the laptop are provided by a Mobility Radeon with 32mb RAM. On 3d mark 2001se it scores about the same as an older PIII system I have with the same RAM but is much lower than the desktops fancy new card!

Workwise, I do nearly everything on the laptop and backup to the desktop but other than Solitare I don`t play games on it! The desktop is much better for that!

thanks m72john,
i'd be using the laptop for internet use, watching DVD'S,writing c.d's,and playing a few games, Its a 64mg graphic's card so i think it should do what i want. the HDD speed is a bit of a worry but i think ill go and buy it.

ooups m73john :)

  John-259217 01:35 14 Apr 2003

Hdd in the desktop is a special edition WD 7200rpm 80GB with 8mb cache. Older system with a standard 5400rpm 80GB drive scored 677 still higher than the laptop but more representative of an average PC. Unless you regularly read/write huge files it should not be a problem. (Some games may be affected but you need a serious gamers opinion on that!) My laptop uses a desktop processor so its quite bulky and battery life is not the greatest but the prices leap up if you want "proper" mobile technology. Try and spend some time playing with the laptops you like instore, they tend to be a bit more of a personal choice than a desktop as you have less ways to change things if you don`t like them (eg keyboard feel, expansion options etc.)

ok, thanks for the help m73john,

  wee eddie 19:53 14 Apr 2003

Laptop graphics tend to be dreadful and are rarely upgradeable. You will not, really, be able to play any of the current "graphics intense" games. In the future most games will require even greater graphics memory, but you should be OK with Solitaire.

Also games eat batteries!!!!!

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