Tel33 10:12 26 Aug 2011

Our desktop is connected by modem to the main telephone socket and we use Firefox, I may have to work from home 3 days a week using a laptop which I suspect will use IE and will need to be connected to the company system all the time so I need to know the following. We have a telephone extension socket in another room, can I connect the laptop to this and what will I need ? Will we be able to use both machines on the same internet connection ? Will this affect my desktops performance which will also be in use by the family and will there be any conflict between different browsers/security systems ? Any other thoughts that I may have missed will also be appreciated Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:29 26 Aug 2011

connected by modem to the main telephone socket

What type of modem? is it a modem /router connects by ethernet cable or wireless, or does it connect to your PC using a USB cable? Please give us make and model if known.

  Tel33 13:35 26 Aug 2011

It's a USB Modem - Zoom Model 5510

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 26 Aug 2011

You will not be able to connect both machines at once using a USB modem.

You best solution may be to swap the USB modem for a ADSL wireless modem routersuch as this.

(assuming the laptop has wireless capabilities)then you can connect anywhere in the house, but for three weeks thats a costly item.

  woodchip 14:23 26 Aug 2011

You could connect if both PC's are switched on by Networking the for the Internet, by which you laptop would connect through you Desktop, but they would need to be wired together with Crossover cable.

Or best way would be to buy a ADSL wirwless Router

  robin_x 14:28 26 Aug 2011

Only one computer ever links to a telephone line in a household.

Then the computers share the connection.

I had same situation when I bought a new laptop 2 yrs ago. I wanted to upgrade desktop at same time to W7, but my old BT Voyager modem was non-wireless and XP, or earlier, only.

Even if I hadn't upgraded, the only easy/cheap way of linking the computers was by a 10m 'ethernet crossover cable'.

While this was simple enough, living room to directly overhead bedroom, it was a weekend job to do it properly. Simple enough if you can live with trailing cables between rooms.

Home networks these days really should be wireless modem router as standard.

I phoned AOL (Waterford, Sales line, Ireland-Yellow Pages number under ISPs) and explained my 'new laptop predicament'.

'No problem'. They sent me a free wireless modem router. Kept me Unlimited, reduced my pcm from £17.99 to £9.99 and all I had to commit to was not leave for 18 months (now expired)

The 'Router' connects to a telephone line (Master Socket is best)

All other computers connect to it. Wireless or cable. If your ISP won't help, or you prefer to buy, this is best solution.

If you work for a largish company, your IT dept may have one.

  Tel33 09:23 27 Aug 2011

Thanks for the replies folks, I will probably have to discuss this with the company IT dept.

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