Desktop won't power up and it is new!!!

  Clueless!! 22:16 18 Apr 2009

Hi - I find myself in a very frustrating spot.
I have recently had my new all singing all dancing desktop delivered and apart from being able to start up a few times I have now found that I cannot start up at all. Although there is power to the case (the small power/reset led buttons are lit) when I try to power up I get absolutely nothing.

Extremely dissappointing and I just don't what I can do - looks like it will have to go back...


  Technotiger 22:23 18 Apr 2009

Looks like, you have answered your own question. If it was not new I would have advised you to have a look inside the case, maybe a lead, perhaps to the hard drive/motherboard has become slightly dislodged - but I would not want you to invalidate your guarantee in any way.

  grey george 22:28 18 Apr 2009

If it's new send it back or if your purchase also included a support engineer warranty call them out to fix it. As said any tinkering will invalidate your warranty.

  (~oo~) 22:30 18 Apr 2009

It sounds as if the PSU has blown a section. The whole unit does not have to go to encounter catastrophic failure of the system. Parts of the PSU may work but fundamental power may have ceased.

  wiz-king 07:39 19 Apr 2009

Phone the supplier and see what they suggest. They may ask you to send it straight back or ask you to check various things, as Technotiger said. If they tell you to remove the case and push and prod then there can be no warranty issues, but it may have to go back anyway.

Keep notes! of dates, times and names of people to speak to or e-mail.

  Andsome 07:53 19 Apr 2009

If it were me I would NOT be prepared to tinker with it at all, even under their telephone instructions. Let them have it back and ask for a replacement, NOT a repair. This is the beauty of having a computer built locally by a friendly shop, and NOT one of these distant companies who load all sorts of trial crapware.

  Clueless!! 16:40 19 Apr 2009

well after all that I was reading on another forum that it could gave been a power surge and to just try another electrical point but use a surge protector. So I did and everything seems to work fine now, strange.

  grey george 21:19 19 Apr 2009

Unlikely to be a power surge, I assume you had to move the machine to use a different power socket so it may be a loose connection. Keep a note of these problems as intermittent failures then to get shrugged off and before you know it your out of warranty.

  tullie 21:28 19 Apr 2009

If theres power to it,it cant be the socket can it?

  lotvic 21:44 19 Apr 2009

What's the betting it's a loose lead and/or internal connection that's not quite firmly in it's socket. Probably got shook up during transit/delivery.

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