Desktop Won't Boot

  Legslip 14:34 20 Jan 2012

My pals Advent will not boot. On power up it just continually beeps and the screen shows the following: BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting Floppy Drive A Media....

Drive A Error. System Halt

I have disconnected the A (floppy) drive but this makes no difference. I cannot get into the BIOS at boot.

Any ideas?

  onthelimit1 14:51 20 Jan 2012

Probably the CMOS battery. Normally, you can get into BIOS to reset the time/date and it boots OK. However, as you can't access BIOS, I'm not sure how to proceed next.

  onthelimit1 14:53 20 Jan 2012

P.S. - for Advents, I think it's the DEL key when the logo appears for BIOS, not the functions keys as on a lot of machines.

  Legslip 15:10 20 Jan 2012

Thanks on the limit but I'm not even getting the Advent logo. I know that it is the Del button to access the BIOS.

  onthelimit1 15:17 20 Jan 2012

Hmm - are you getting anything on screen before that error message?

  Legslip 15:24 20 Jan 2012

No, that's it.

  onthelimit1 15:26 20 Jan 2012

Then, sorry, that's me stumped!

  ICF 15:33 20 Jan 2012

Have you tried a new cmos battery?

  onthelimit1 15:35 20 Jan 2012

ICF - see my post at 2:51!

  Legslip 15:41 20 Jan 2012

Will try this evening and let know.

  ICF 15:47 20 Jan 2012

Sorry onthelimit1 wasn't trying to steal your glory but Legslip had not responded to your possible solution of changing the Cmos battery

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