Desktop wireless USB vs PCI adapters

  ejazbutt 14:29 17 Jan 2010

I have noticed that my USB wireless adapter gives a much better signal strength than my PCI internal adapter. Any reason for this? As I thought it would be the other way round??

  Paperplane 15:18 17 Jan 2010

I've noticed this too and was about to ask the same question.

  bremner 15:22 17 Jan 2010

Are both at the rear of the machine or just the PCI?

  Paperplane 15:28 17 Jan 2010

PCI internal adapter has an aerial at the rear of the case and the Belkin USB adapter sits on a small stand with a wire attached to a USB port.
Maybe it's because I went for a cheapo internal card...

  ejazbutt 15:28 17 Jan 2010

Just the PCI is at the rear the USB is on the front. Would that really make such a difference in strength?

  Paperplane 15:29 17 Jan 2010

ezjabutt, hope you don't mind me joining you on this thread.

  bremner 15:31 17 Jan 2010

Yes it could easily make a noticeable difference.

As you have not reported the relative strengths it is difficult to judge.

  User-1229748 15:34 17 Jan 2010

can make a difference also if either are wireless n adapters if you are using a wireless n router.

  100andthirty 15:40 17 Jan 2010

An aerial on a PCI wireless card tucked away at the back of the computer can lead to poor signal strength as the others have said. I had this problem too. As the aerial was removeable, i bought a desktop aerial and cable from Maplins and the signal strength was restored.

  Paperplane 15:51 17 Jan 2010

That's not a bad idea thanks.

  woodchip 16:06 17 Jan 2010

Its not where the card is, Its wire that hangs out of it that matters. If its in a corner its not going to pick much up. Antenna needs to be in free space as far as you can make it, i.e not a corner or back of PC

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