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  chestnutcake 20:31 20 Nov 2010

I am posting this query on behalf of my neighbour - he no longer has his laptop and now is looking for a replacement. He only has one telephone socket at the foot of his stairs but he likes to use a computer at a desk in another room. I have replaced my 9 year old computer with an All-in-One and therefore I have an almost new Samsung widescreen monitor no longer needed. My neighbour is now thinking to get a desk- top computer and make use of this monitor. I am advised that if he does get a desk-top and is not prepared to have a second telephone socket installed [so that his router can be moved ] then he will need to purchase an adaptor which has a USB connection and this will enable him to have at least as good a reception for Internet, as he had with his old laptop.
Please can anyone advise if by getting an adaptor, you would get an acceptable internet connection and that this would be at least as good as when he used a laptop. Maybe not an easy question to answer but if anyone has had any experience of this, perhaps they could say if such an adaptor works efficiently??
My neighbour is so undecided as to whether to get another laptop or whether to go for a desktop and have a nice monitor. Decisions, decisions!!

  sean-278262 20:54 20 Nov 2010

Wifi all depends on distances, the further away the less easily the communications are, think of it this way the further away from someone you are the louder you need to talk, get too far away however and you cannot communicate together.

It really depends where the computer is in relation to the access point as to how well it will work but if there are not too many steel beams and walls in the way anywhere about 50ft from the router should be ok.

Also have you consider home plugs as these mean so long as there is a power socket you can use the computer as the internet connection goes through the house wires.

click here to see what is available.

  Woolwell 21:37 20 Nov 2010

Of course you can connect a monitor to a laptop.

  chestnutcake 21:54 20 Nov 2010

Hi Astec 123
Thanks for your response. I would say the distance from the router to where the unit will be sited is about 30 feet maximum. There is a power socket, a double one, on the wall above the computer desk but I do not know what you mean by "home plugs" please can you say what these are or how you get them? Up to now, the old laptop was wi-fi and as I said, the router is at the foot of the stairs but the laptop was plugged in a lot of the time, to the mains socket inanother room where he has his desk.
Thanks Woolwell for your response. Dave has considered using the Monitor with a laptop but cannot make up his mind. I don't know what to advise him but I think, if an adaptor would work, then the desk top would be a better option because he does not use a computer on his knee. If he did wish to connect the nonitor to a laptop, what equipment would be needed?

  chestnutcake 22:03 20 Nov 2010

Hi again Astec 123

Just clicked on your links re Home Plugs and see that you need two of these to make an internet connection. Possibly, Dave would not want to go to the expense of getting two of these - an adaptor can be had for £20. The big question is, will an adaptor give a good connection. As I said, previously his laptop worked without any problems even though the router was about 30 feet away. Both options tick boxes and I wish I could offer him some good advice. It is so easy to make the wrong decision therefore, it is sensible to seek advice from those who have more knowledge.
Whatever, time for shut-eye so will not log on again until the morning.

  sean-278262 22:28 20 Nov 2010

A wifi dongle is probably your best bet but the final decision really lies with testing it in the real world, just posting the home plugs as another solution to the problem.

Does someone have a wifi enabled laptop that you could borrow to test how good the reception is to the router, where the computer is to be located as this will give you an idea of what using a wifi dongle will give in terms of connection quality?

  sean-278262 22:32 20 Nov 2010

Also wifi dongles can be had a lot cheaper than £20
click here See here

Similarly the Homeplugs can be had as cheap as £20 for 2 as I have seem them in the past.

  Woolwell 22:34 20 Nov 2010

There isn't a lot of difference between a USB dongle and the built in wireless connection of a laptop. I've used them quite succesfully but not as far part as 30 feet.

  sean-278262 22:39 20 Nov 2010

Woolwell - I don't think you understand what I am saying.

I am suggesting you get a laptop or computer that has a wifi dongle and test how strong a connection you get before going to the expense of buying one as the last thing you will want is to find out that you cannot use the dongle as it is too far away to connect due to interference due to the house structure.

  Woolwell 23:08 20 Nov 2010

I didn't contradict you. My understanding is that the laptop currently in use is wireless so the there should not be a great drop in performance. What we don't know is which router it is. N standard should be better than G or B.

  onthelimit 09:12 21 Nov 2010

At that distance, homeplugs will give much faster connection, I would say. Astec - I don't know where you've seen 2 for 20 quid as everywhere I looked they were around £35 a pair.

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