Desktop used as a Tower

  Alf58 01:29 27 Jul 2005

I have a desktop computer and because of space restrictions would like to put it on its side and use it like a tower system. Apart from pbvious problems regarding inserting CDs would the PC come to any harm being placed in a position for which it was not designed?

  wiz-king 05:08 27 Jul 2005

The hard disk may not like it, I would e-mail the manufacturer to check. Otherwise you should have no problems. Some PC were made a long time ago to be used either way, the floppy drive etc had two sets of mounting brackets so you could turn it through 90 degrees. Don't try and turn it with the machine powered up, the disk in the hard drive will act as a gyroscope and might self-destruct!

  Catastrophe 06:39 27 Jul 2005

I have one old PC which has HDD cage which holds the HDDs vertical instead of horizontal.

  Belatucadrus 11:57 27 Jul 2005

My home build uses a multi purpose case click here that can be used as a tower or desktop unit. Using the CD drive vertically isn't actually a problem as the drive trays have lugs that hold the CDs in place and stop them falling out.
The main problem could be in the case, if it's not designed to support the weight on it's end, it may flex or just be unstable.

  Belatucadrus 12:05 27 Jul 2005

You should also check ventilation, remember heat rises and you don't want the main extraction point at the base with all the rising heat trapped in the case.

  Alf58 19:15 27 Jul 2005

Thanks to all who have responded. Plenty to think about thre. I might just do it and see what happens.

  woodchip 19:17 27 Jul 2005

Hard Drive do not like the orientation being changed from flat to vertical if it been running for a long time. things settle

  wee eddie 19:29 27 Jul 2005

They are usually designed to have a CRT monitor placed on them, so there's no weight problem, which leaves you plenty of space (on top) to stick your bits and pieces.

  Stuartli 20:29 27 Jul 2005

It depends, of course, on the monitor.

Most people had a desktop when 14in was the most common monitor size and weight wasn't a problem.

  lotvic 22:19 27 Jul 2005

there's no weight problem with wee eddie's little bits and pieces?

:)))) sorry couldn't help myself :))))

  wee eddie 00:55 28 Jul 2005

the speakers, and a pile of CDs.

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