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  arpit 20:37 14 Mar 2006

Hi there
I have got a PC with Pentium III and winxp OS. I want to upgrade the processor to Pentium IV.
I have a dell laptop ,but its power ckt got shorted and motherboard became useless, But the processor
i.e it has P4 2.8 ghz and memory of PC 2100 is intact.

Can i upgrade my desktop with the laptop processor.also if the upgrade is possible what type of motherboard do i need to buy, regular desktop motherboard that is compatible with P4 processor, or there or i need to use some specific motherboard .
also will the memory of my laptop be useful when i upgrade my desktop ?

please help me on this.


  PC Bilbo 22:11 14 Mar 2006

You can use any skt 478 mobo that will accept P4 at or above yr processor GHz rating.

Your existing RAM should be fine unless you want to upgrade.

Word of caution: make sure yr case will accept the mobo. Most mobo's and Cases are industry std but the
likes of Dell,HP etc tend to use non std made for them. Also make sure yr PSU is suitable. If any doubts buy a new case & PSU.

Try here for mobop's click here

  ed-0 22:18 14 Mar 2006

This will depend on what cpu you have in the laptop. Some come with standard desktop cpu's, while some come with click here some are micro cpu's click here and will not fit a desktop ( mainly P111's)

Because the laptop does not boot, you will have to take the machine to bits and extract the cpu. There again some are removable and some are not. Try and get the technical manual for the machine. Some HP machines are great. They have separate rear slots to access the heat sink and fan and a clip to take out the cpu for upgrades. Not sure on dell models.

  ed-0 22:41 14 Mar 2006

Some laptop service manuals that may help you on your way. click here

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