Desktop too large for monitor

  nooney 15:45 17 Dec 2005

My desktop is too long for the monitor and I have to scroll down to reach the start function?

  gudgulf 15:50 17 Dec 2005

What screen resolution are you using?

Is your monitor corectly calibrated for that resolution?

Are you using larger than normal font size?

  Graham ® 15:53 17 Dec 2005

Right click on the desktop, Properties, Settings, change the Screen resolution, Apply, OK.

  nooney 16:41 17 Dec 2005

Have tried several resolution settings, but desktop still appears several sizes too large for the screen and I have to scroll around the screen to reach the icons

  Stuartli 16:48 17 Dec 2005

Use the monitor's on-screen menu to alter the height and width of the display image once you have set up the correct resolution.

If you read your monitor's manual it will explain the procedure as most manufacturers have slightly different ways of configuring the screen display.

  DieSse 18:30 17 Dec 2005

*I have to scroll around the screen to reach the icons*

I've never seen a desktop you could scroll around - just how are you doing this?

Are you sure you don't just need to adjust the height and width of the monitor display on the monitors controls?

Is this a CRT or TFT? Is it a wide-screen display?

If so and it's just too long - then you have to adjust the resolution to a suitable one for widescreen - the monitor manual will tell you which one to use.

  Big Elf 19:52 17 Dec 2005

I think you can get a 'virtual' display on some laptops when you select a resolution greater than that normally supported by the screen e.g. selecting 1280x1024 when the screen supports 1024x768.

Changing it to the standard resoulution normally stops the problem of having to scroll to get to all the icons etc.

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