Desktop, text and mouse messed up

  wednesday 13 12:45 24 Oct 2006

Hi, I was getting my pc linked up to my moniter and tv. when i came to boot up my computer after getting desktop on tv screen and nothing else, i discovered that my pc wasn't picking up any mouse activity (wireless laser labtec or teblet mouse & pen) and the text on toolbars, startup screen and internet (etc...) were comletely different and hard to read. i managed to save some but is there any way to reset this without a mouse or any way to get them working first?

please help

  Technotiger 19:49 24 Oct 2006

Hi, I assume your graphics card supports two screens? Not all of them do. But you should try this first - switch of everything, pc/monitor/tv. Disconnect TV from PC so that you are only running one monitor. Restart PC.

Does that now work?

  wednesday 13 13:31 26 Oct 2006

That's when the mouse went, after going back to pc moniter, lettering went after a change on the moniter settings and then i tied changing everything on the display properties to a bigger font but not all options were there and the font type itself is wrong.

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