Desktop system folder, how to delete

  sinbadthesailor 10:03 23 Mar 2004

I recently made a boob, and put a system folder onto the desktop, and I've tried everything I know to delete it and it's associated links. ... now all I have is a small microsoft page icon with no text under it, and it's buggin' me 'cos I can't get rid of this. When I right click I have a limited choice, open > this opens the internet without loading a page. create shortcut or properties. win98

  Sethhaniel 10:21 23 Mar 2004

there may be a tick box in there to untick for desktop items

  sinbadthesailor 10:52 23 Mar 2004

no such luck, the folder is empty, it links to a web page, because I connected a mobile phone device, hence the system folder. is there a utility tool which cleans the desktop of unused icons/folders etc?

  Sethhaniel 11:09 23 Mar 2004

You can hide all icons by removing tick on 'Show Desktop Icons' and have icons you use on Quick Launch Bar

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:14 23 Mar 2004

If you have xp run the desktop cleanup wizard.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:15 23 Mar 2004

sorry cant read lol,is the tick in the box for locking desktop icons like web addy and things.


  temp003 11:16 23 Mar 2004

I think the file having no name may be the problem.

Try this.

Click Start, Run, type regedit and press Enter.

Be careful in the registry, don't make any rash changes.

On the left, expand HKEY Local Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Explorer

Under the key Explorer, look at 2 subkeys.

Expand Desktop > NameSpace

Under NameSpace, there are keys like {1a234gh5} - you get the drift.

Highlight each entry (by single clicking it), then look to the right. See if there is an entry with the name Default, and under the Data column, the entry is empty or just two quotation marks.

If you don't find it there, expand ...Explorer > My Computer > NameSpace. Do the same.

If you find a Default entry with nothing or just 2 quotation marks under the Data column, that's the entry to delete.

But first, highlight "Explorer" first. At the top left, click Registry, export registry file, and save it as a reg file, call it explorer.reg and put it in, say, your My Documents folder. This backs up the registry key.

Then go back to the entry in question, highlight the string of letters and numbers in brackets, right click it, and select Delete. confirm deletion.

Exit regedit. See if the file is still on desktop. Restart if necessary.

  sinbadthesailor 12:04 23 Mar 2004

Many thanks, temp003 ... you have made my day, this worked and i have a clean desktop again.


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