Desktop startup & Norton AV 2005 problem

  BeForU 03:24 20 Nov 2004

Hello. I have only recently installed Norton Antivirus 2005 & and whenever I restart and reboot into the desktop (using Windows XP Pro with SP2), a Windows Installer pop-up box comes up saying that it is 'preparing to install'. After a couple of seconds, another pop-up box comes up saying 'Norton Antivirus 2005 does not support the Repair feature, please uninstall and reinstall'. I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall Norton AV 2005 but when I restart again, I get the very same thing. I have no idea what this means so can anybody help?

Just to note...I used to use Norton AV 2004 before and that never caused me any problems. Of course, I could always go back to that version because of that but I'm more of a person who likes to update to a new program version no matter what. Also I cannot use System Restore should that may have helped since I never really use this as it takes up too much space & I don;t really encounter any full 'major' problems.

  BeForU 15:55 22 Nov 2004

*bump bump ba-lump blump*

No ideas anyone?

  ventanas 16:13 22 Nov 2004

No idea at all, but at least I now know that it isn't just happening to me.

Its a pain in the neck isn't it. I'm not too bothered because I plan to wipe the machine over Xmas. The annoying thing is that it worked fine for a week, and then this started happening. Perhaps something will appear on the Symantec site in due course. The only good thing is that Norton does seem to function properly.

I have wondered if it is some sort of clash with the Security Centre because the message about Windows updates etc appears again when this thing appears.

I will keep digging. If I discover anything I will post here.

Good luck.

  BeForU 16:18 22 Nov 2004

Well I know for sure that it couldn't be the Security Centre as I've disabled it. Yes it is very strange though cause the first time I installed it, it was fine and after a few days this silly message kept coming up. True that Norton AV 2005 still functions fully, but its just that annoying thing that pops up. Thanks anyways.

  ventanas 16:27 22 Nov 2004

Just out of interest my v2005 is an upgrade. I don't know what yours is but it may be significant that I installed over the top of 2004. Clutching at straws I think. The message began appearing exactly one week after install and I had previously just run CrapCleaner and blamed that for a while.

At least I know its not the SS. Thanks for that.

When I've time I may remove a few things from start up and see if anyhting there is clashing.

  BeForU 16:38 22 Nov 2004

Mine is the full retail version. You just reminded me that after a couple days when I installed the AV, I played about with the Startup options on Msconfig and I'm not sure if that had something to do with anything. I even reverted back to the original settings and that did nothing itself.

  ventanas 16:47 22 Nov 2004

I think I've convinced myself that, because of what the message says, Norton is struggling to load properly. Possibly because of something else in the startup group getting in the way. Mine is far too long, and is one of the reasons for a fresh start. I would like to sort it, if only to avoid the problem coming back. Hopefully someone else may see this thread.

  ventanas 17:06 22 Nov 2004

Got something click here

  ventanas 17:08 22 Nov 2004

I have changed the location of the start menue items. I will try and sort it tonight.

  ventanas 21:33 22 Nov 2004

Cured. I just dragged the folder back to where it was originally, and no more message.

  BeForU 23:19 22 Nov 2004

ventanas much thanks for providing that link. Should have known that there was an answer at the official website, guess I must have been really blind.

Seems that Solutions 1 & 2 weren't the case for me as I tried them after reading this and they didn't work. So it left me with Solution 3 which I've done quite a few number of times before but never solved anything. I figured, why not try again, probably like the 6th time reinstalling the software now.

And what do you know, the annoying pop-up message has disappeared. I even restarted the computer a number of times just to ensure that it was finally gone and it looks like it is. So again thanks very much!

I do think that Solutions 1 & 2 seem to be very strange to cause the erorr though, but least now if it appears again we will know what to do.

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