Desktop - self inflicted injury :-(

  wotbus@ 10:33 20 Feb 2008

WinXP SP3.
Maybe a familiar story....
I made the mistake of running a "junk" cleaner, and chose the "Delete to Recycle Bin" option safe in the knowledge if something didn't work after the "clean" it could be restored.
Problems with the desktop occurred so I restored everything which could be restored. But I still have these problems despite doing a system restore and running SFC.
Problem 1: I can sign into WLMessenger from the desktop icon, but each time I right click the tray icon to go to my mail box I get the following error message:
"The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context"???
I took out WLM and re-installed it and it worked OK last night but now this morning the same problem has occurred. I can access my WLM email if I go via my browser, so some sort of "link" is missing between the tray icon and the program.
Problem 2: I am unable to access my Favourites from Start\Favourites - nothing happens so a "link " is missing from there too. I have access to all my favourites via my browser.
I noticed too that all the icons for the links to my favourites via Start\Favourites have disappeard, just little file thingies now.
Anyone help me please?
Does WinXP have some sort of Registry Repair?

  wotbus@ 10:44 20 Feb 2008

Groan. Just realised when I insert a CD nothing happens. I used to get the little disc next to my cursor followed by the Windows pop-up box asking me what to do, so my OS is definitely damaged somewhere. I mention this in case it is something in common to the other problems.

  VoG II 10:50 20 Feb 2008

Perhaps a repair click here

  wotbus@ 10:57 20 Feb 2008

Hi VoG™, thanks.
I had thought about it but thought I would post first. Something else occurred to me and that was to have a brief look at the program I used and see if I could find out just which file extensions would have been removed, in case it throws a bit of light.
I have learned my lesson though - bad of case of "If it works don't try to fix it"...again. ;-)

  johnnyrocker 10:59 20 Feb 2008

what program was it and has their website got a problem solve page?


  wotbus@ 11:06 20 Feb 2008

Hi johnnyrocker.
The program was Registry Easy\Advanced\Disc Cleaner.
I can see a list of all the boxes/files which I made the mistake of leaving all selected.
When I clicked on the Help part of the program I got the same message as in my first post:
"The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context"???
but I am sure I could get to their help section via my browser.

  sunny staines 11:19 20 Feb 2008


i had same problems when i tried a new reg cleaner. i think cannot remember which bad reg cleaner it was but i fixed the problem after posting on the link.

the fix included i think sfc scannow now and reinstal of ie7 but not sure, cant find the thread.

  crosstrainer 11:19 20 Feb 2008

Did this programme not make a backup of your registry prior to removing the checked items? If so you can restore it.

  wotbus@ 12:11 20 Feb 2008

Thanks sunny. I never thought of that crosstrainer so I will have look. I am occupied for the next couple of hours but will post back any findings.
Thanks for the replies ;-)

  wotbus@ 12:30 20 Feb 2008

There was a restore for the Reg Cleaner bit which I had restored earlier without success. There was no restore for the Junk Cleaner bit, other than Delete to the Bin for safety and I have restored all those.
I think sunny may have the key as access to my Favourites via Start\Favourites is IE7 related as is the path from my MSN tray icon to my Hotmail.
I will have a look at it all later.

  wotbus@ 16:20 20 Feb 2008

Woo woo - sunny staines gets the Chocolate biscuit :-)
Just re-installed IE7 and everything seems back to normal.
Lesson learnt until the next time LOL.
Thanks everyone, well chuffed now.

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