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  buscrew 13:15 02 Jun 2004

Whenever I close a window, the whole desktop refreshes, including all the icons. Sometimes this can take up to one minute whilst I wait for the icons to go back to their original state. As you can guess this is very frustrating, Any ideas please, System Win XP Home (Full Install), 768mb PC133 SDRAM, ATI Radeon 9800XT 256 DDR Ram, CTX m730v Screen.

  johnnyrocker 13:25 02 Jun 2004

if a recent prob how about trying system restore.


  buscrew 13:30 02 Jun 2004

Sorry should have said, I have tried that, but still the same.

  hugh-265156 13:35 02 Jun 2004

what processor do you have? have you many programs running in the background?

you have plenty of ram but if you have all the xp effects going on it can still be slow to draw the icons if there is a lot of other things going on.

try lowering your display to 16bit if set at 32bit

try click here maybe.

try clicking start/control panel/system/advanced/performance/settings/visual effects and choose adjust for best performance.this will turn off all the graphical effects and make xp look like win should be a bit faster.

or try unticking some boxes here to use custom settings.

  hugh-265156 13:38 02 Jun 2004

have you also run a check for viruses,spyware etc?

and run defrag/disk cleanup?

  buscrew 13:52 02 Jun 2004

Have scanned for virus and spyware, no problems there, will try some of your other tips, and info to see how it works. many thanks.

  buscrew 14:53 02 Jun 2004

Your advice has improved the desktop refresh to a normal state. Many thanks. I will close this now. Regards Buscrew

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