desktop picture problem

  not again 02:18 22 Jun 2003

anyone any idea why my desktop picture wont stay the one i pic.
everytime i log off or boot up the pc the picture i want is seen for a second then another picture of a moon of all things apears. my chosen colour stays the same ,and I have checked it is on my default monitor .It is getting to be very anoying.
I am working of XP now and I never had this prob with win98.

  wheelie 06:10 22 Jun 2003

Check under "scheduled tasks" to make sure that there isn't an option to rotate the wallpaper. Other than that, do you have a theme manager of some sort, such as Desktop Architect running?

  Pesala 08:54 22 Jun 2003

the picture that displays on first boot up is different to the one that displays after bootup. This may still be the same in XP.

It depends on the setting for Display Web Content. Right-click and disable active desktop, display web content. Right-click again, select Properties, and choose the background picture you want on bootup.

Enable web content and select another picture to display when web content is shown.

  not again 01:53 23 Jun 2003

Hi wheelie, checked the tasks and there are none listed and I dont have a theme Mngr thanks for suggestion.
"Pesala" I will give this a go and set lock web content ,it is however a picture taken with my digi cam and chosen from a file of the hard drive ,but hey one can but try .

  DieSse 09:35 23 Jun 2003

Try taking out all pictures, and switching off Active Desktop. Then reboot.

Then reactivate the picture you really want, and it normally operates OK from then on.

  not again 06:29 24 Jun 2003

you were right ,the wife had this particular picture set as default on her desktop and had not told me she had set up a desktop management system .
so thanks to those that came to my aid ,I have solved the riddle,with your help.

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