Desktop PC from Work-Can't activate XP w/Ethernet or wireless?

  buel 20:21 02 Jan 2014

Hi, Please could I ask for a bit of help. To avoid buying a laptop to use Autocad, I managed to get a Desktop from the offices where I work. It is a Dell Vostro 200 and has a Vista Business OEM sticker on with product code but has XP installed(I do not have the XP key so a fresh install would not be the best idea). However, it is asking me to activate XP. I chose to 'Activate later' and went to the Desktop, plugged in an ethernet cable to my router and it wouldn't connect for some reason. I then tried installing the software that came with a wireless USB dongle I have and the software installed but the PC still wouldn't 'see' the program and no icon was present. Please can I ask what the problem is? Could it be something to do with that it is a business workstation? I do not have the XP key so a fresh install would not be the best idea.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 02 Jan 2014

As its a business machine it will probably be running alsorts of scripts to prevent unauthorised use / connections and is probably set up to connect to the companies vpn / infonet.

to connect you will need to make a note of the current settings in IE - (tools - options or properties) connections tab and remove them then set up the connection for your ISP (username and password)

Look on the internet for XP keyfinder and make a note of the key used belec advisor will also tell you the XP key.

  buel 23:11 02 Jan 2014

Sigh.......once again, YOU are the saviour, Fruitbat!!! Thank you.

  buel 14:28 03 Jan 2014

Ah, Houston we've had a problem!

Because it had been a long time since I had tried this desktop, I had forgotten that it wont let me get to the actual desktop without activating. However, I can get to safe mode desktop and I tried installing a XP key finder programme but it wont run in safe mode?

Fruitbat, I went to IE, Connections, and seen that the 'LAN Settings' and 'Automatically Detect Settings' are 'Use Automatic Configuration Script' are all greyed out.

Please can I ask what you suggest now?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 03 Jan 2014

no drivers will be loaded for the network controller in safe mode

you need to boot into safemode with networking if it will let you

  buel 14:42 03 Jan 2014

Great. It will.....and I'll do it right now...

  buel 14:45 03 Jan 2014

Correction. :( No I can't. I get the message about activating again. I can get to SM with command prompt, if that helps?

  buel 16:27 03 Jan 2014

Is there anything else I can try please?

  buel 18:33 03 Jan 2014

So what is my priority now, getting the XP key or connecting to the network/broadband so I can activate?

  buel 20:00 03 Jan 2014

OK.....all may not be lost! I used a program called 'Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder: click here I got what I think is the key(I have blanked off some of the info with 'X'):

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Product Part No.: A22-00001 Installed from 'OEM' media. Product ID: 55274-OEM-0066772-XXXXX match to CD Key data CD Key: DWGFP-BFPYF-XXFR4-MJKTX-XXXXX Computer Name: F-OMECXT0JYY37H Registered Owner: h Registered Organization: f

So would I be correct in thinking that if I just perfom a fresh install using my XP Pro disc then I can use the key stated above? Oh and is it the 'Product ID' or the 'CD Key', please?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 03 Jan 2014

25 digit key

email FE to delete your last post not a good idea to post a key on an open forum

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