desktop pc & dongle ?

  worcesterman47 10:41 12 Feb 2008

hi, my daughter has no home phone....she would like to be able to connect to the internet occasionally..she only has a desktop pc ( no laptop)..i have seen a thing called a " dongle" which only seems to be for laptops..but would one of those work on a desktop?..if so is it just the dongle required or other items too ?.. and if a dongle can be used anyone have any ideas as to where i can enquire about to price, downloads limits, speeds etc, any advice and help would be most appreciated..thank you

  woodchip 10:45 12 Feb 2008

Dongle can plug into Desktop or Laptop USB, but will not work without a Modem\Router and a BT line or you have to be in Cable area

  woodchip 10:51 12 Feb 2008

Aldi as a Dongle in for about £10.

Some Modem\Routers hear click here

You have to setup an account with a phone company first for phone or phone and BB i took out a TalkTalk account they supply a Modem or a Wireless, the Wireless you have to pay for. Carphone Warehouse for the above to check if you can use there service.

as above you have to have a BT line

  worcesterman47 11:13 12 Feb 2008

so looks like she definately has to have a phone line connection at least whichever way you look at it to use the dongle with the desktop ..yes?...what if she were to buy a laptop...would she still need a phoneline?..( thanks for the replies so far )

ps..she is not in cable area

  EARLR 11:22 12 Feb 2008

There are 3g dongles for accessing the internet available in Ireland so i am sure that she could fin them in the UK in mobile phone stores.
Good luck

  worcesterman47 11:47 12 Feb 2008

hi, getting a little confused can i use a 3g? ( if i can find one )...but please answer in relation to & after reading other posts i have just made in this thread...once again thank you ( as other replies says she would need a phone line )

  woodchip 13:38 12 Feb 2008

You need an account with a ISP, no matter which one. and you need a ether BT line or a Cable connection to have asn account. computers cannot connect to the net without one. Only other way would be a Wireless Laptop and to connect to what is known as a Hotspot. These are setup all over the country like may be McDonald’s etc they only work short distance and are ether free or expensive to use

  Totally-braindead 13:44 12 Feb 2008

woodchip is right, somehow somewhere you have to connect. If you don't have a phone line then the only other legal way to connect is via a free wifi spot. Mind you now I said this can you not also connect via your mobile phone? This could be expensive but can be done.

At the end of the day though you do need some sort of connection to a phone line. Its kind of like wanting electricity to your home without any connection to the national grid.

  Woolwell 13:53 12 Feb 2008

As far as I am concerned the only practical way to access the Internet at home is through a home telephone line (eg BT) or cable. You can use a mobile phone with an ISP using GPRS or 3G but is quite expensive and is not what I would recommend.

A dongle is normally for picking up wireless or bluetooth and the desktop or laptop would need another device to connect to like a wireless router or mobile phone.

She could use one of these instead but £20 a month (2 year contract),no landline is required.Also the 3g coverage isnt the best so it automatically reverts back to the slower gprs.
click here
A phone line and broadband connection would be faster and cheaper.
Ive used a mobile phone modem and blutooth dongle combo in the past but was only getting dial up speed.
If your daughters mobile phone has internet access it could be an option,I think i paid an additional £7.99 a month on my phone contract and it gave me a 2 gb monthly useage.
I Then set up a dial up connection via the bluetooth dongle software.
The home telephone line is without doubt The best option.

  Totally-braindead 14:08 12 Feb 2008

To add to the dongle idea suggested. The way the dongle works is to look for a signal given out by a router that is connected to a phone line. If your daughter got one and used it to connect to someone elses broadband that is stealing, and if caught she could be fined or jailed.
If you use the dongle to connect to one of these hotspots and its a free one then thats ok but if its one you are meant to pay for and she doesn't then that also is illegal.

I don't know much about the hotspots thing. I know they exist but since I have no laptop so its not an option. Theres no chance really that her house will be on top of a free hotspot so I think theres no free way of doing this. Her only chance is if she can find an economical way of occasionally using her mobile for this purpose. Otherwise its a no go as far as I am concerned.

A friend of mine has just set up some sort of business account for £30 a month or something similar and part of the contract involves internet access via his mobile. How much internet time he gets and the speed he gets etc I have no idea but will see if I can get more info if this is of interest.

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