desktop overloaded with icons!

  bluebird 22:06 03 May 2004

My 9 year old son has taken it upon himself to drag programmes out of the all progs list at start up. My desktop is plastered in them (ICONS). How can i get them back in the all programmes list and save my son from a weeks cleaning the car?

  VoG II 22:07 03 May 2004

Which versions of Windows?

Have they been moved or just copieD?

  Mo H 22:10 03 May 2004

What O/S is it?

Do the icons have small arrows to signify short cuts in the bottom left corner? If so just right click and delete them. Deletion of Shortcuts will not interfere with program - Use mouse to 'collect' those and then delete as a group.

If Win XP do a system restore only if not shortcuts!!!

  Eric10 22:21 03 May 2004

Click on an icon you want to move and drag it to the Start button. Hold it there and the menu will open, move up to All Programs and wait for that to open then drop it in the required place. The default action of this is to copy the icon (unlike dragging off the menu when the default is to move) so if you want to move it hold the shift key down as you drag.

Since you say there are a lot of them it may be quicker to navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Desktop" where <username> is the login that was active when the icons were moved. Once you've identified the icons, select them by holding the CTRL key and clicking on each icon in turn. Now right-click the selection and choose Cut from the menu. Navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs" right-click on a blank area in the folder and choose Paste.

  Eric10 22:25 03 May 2004

Update: My last instruction above assumes Windows XP. The first part will work for Win98/ME also. The Desktop for Win98 is in the Windows folder.

  xquest 23:50 03 May 2004

Quick and easy and temporary solution: set up a folder on the desktop called 'Odds' or whatever, and drag them all into that.

  johnnyrocker 23:54 03 May 2004

well bluebird you had all these offers and nothing, i would ask how does a 9 yr old have such access or is it a wind up which genuine help seekers/solution offerers should not take kindly to?


  bluebird 02:42 04 May 2004

Sorry i didnt reply but a problem with my server occured down for a bit. Problem solved now, i was able to follow eric 10 advice and drag them back to start then all programmes. As usuall thanks for eveyones help no messing about was intended.

Message to johnnyrocker what goes on in my home has nothing to do with you, good advice for you! My nine year old son was being supervised by a responsible adult and my computer was set to not allow him access to adult sites (If thats what you were getting at)so less of the hysterical over the top comments!

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