desktop moves - why?

  fishytroll 21:24 27 Nov 2005

Hi, everytime i go from desktop to another program and back to desktop the screen has moved either up or down. i use the monitor adjuster to put it where it should be and it keeps happening. i am baffled, can anyone shed light on this for me please? thanks...

  ade.h 22:10 27 Nov 2005

Make and model of graphics card?

Driver version?

These are the most likely culprits; I had a Hercules Kyro 2 that used to do that. I've had better results with Nvidia and ATI.

  ade.h 22:11 27 Nov 2005

Also potentially affected by a particular monitor or monitor/card combination.

  fishytroll 10:18 28 Nov 2005

hi, thanks for the reply. graphics card is ATI 9600XT with version drivers. monitor is relisys tf770 crt. have tried other drivers ( including omega ati type).
also there is listed a "secondary display adapter" listed though i only have the one installed. i can generally resolve problems but this one is winning so far.

  ACOLYTE 10:38 28 Nov 2005

Sounds like the refresh rates are out of whack somewhere,have you got any options in the g card driver settings to override refresh rates?
and set them to the desktop rate you wont.or try running the programs at the same size/rate as the desktop is set to.I use a nvidea card and there did used to be such an option in there driver settings but the newer drivers dont seem to have it anymore.

  ade.h 13:47 28 Nov 2005

As it's an ATI, are you using it with the driver only or with the utilities as well?

  fishytroll 14:15 28 Nov 2005

hi ade.h , used both, tried just the driver. have uninstalled ati card and removed all drivers and done fresh install but to no avail. now on latest driver only and it is still doing it. i have a spare monitor which i will connect just in case there is some conflict or somthing. will report in later....grrrrr.

  ade.h 14:29 28 Nov 2005

What made me think of asking that was the experience I had recently with a new ATI card. It's my first ATI, so I hadn't used its utilities before. I found one of them (Catalyst I think) to be a bit buggy.

  fishytroll 15:28 28 Nov 2005

hi again, i am now trying the omega ati drivers etc. it does seem worse with some drivers than others. many people seem to rate the omega drivers so we'll see eh?

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