Desktop Lockdown software wanted - Vista

  Covergirl 12:55 31 Jul 2008

I'm after some (preferabely free) software which is capable of "Locking" everything on the desktop whilst at the same time allowing programs to be run.

I've got a little old lady who is getting a Vista laptop very shortly. She's had my XP system for a couple of months and in that time has managed to move, delete and copy several desktop icons as well moving the taskbar to the side of the screen. Slight case of arthritis coupled with any previous computer experience.

I'm worried that she will destroy the laptop without realising it by deleting something important, so I think that if I could provide her with the icons she needs without restricting her too much, that would be a good start.

I've searched all over for "Desktop Lockdown" without any great success.

Anyone else any useful hints and tips or links to what I want ?

Thanks in advance.

  OK Computer 13:22 31 Jul 2008

'm not familiar with Vista but couldn't you give her user account read only access to her C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop folder? If you can I’d advise making sure it doesn’t adversely effect any applications that she runs from there. It would also mean she wouldn’t be able to save anything to her desktop. Can’t help with the taskbar unfortunately so it might be worth waiting for someone who might have a 3rd party app.

  Covergirl 13:49 31 Jul 2008

"Read only" on that folder is a good idea. She shouldn't need to save anything to the desktop - that's not a good place to save things anyway.

Can usually lock the taskbar so that shouldn't be a problem, just hoping something "fully integrated" is out there somewhere.

  Ditch999 17:09 31 Jul 2008

Create a separate User account - littleoldlady
Make it a limited account
Use Windows Explorer to locate the Desktop folder eg C:\Users\littleoldlady\Desktop
Right click and select Properties>Security>Advanced,
Select the littleoldlady account and click Edit.
Put a tick in all the Deny boxes except the ones which give read/execute permissions.

  palinka 18:12 31 Jul 2008

and if you could password protect the acccount that Ditch999 suggests (password could be her own name) that might help.

I've experienced similar fiddle fingers, tho much less extreme. I removed all icons (shortcuts) from the desktop except those absolutely essential - in the case I'm referring to that was OE and IE.

  Covergirl 23:11 31 Jul 2008

OK Computer Ditch999 and palinka - thanks for what sound like eminently sensible and logical answers. Thread closed for now. I'll give it a try over the next couple of days and post back with some findings.

Thanks again

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