desktop and laptop connection

  chrissy7 15:38 05 Jul 2003

How do i go about connecting my laptop to my desktop. I want to be able to move files (and programs) from one m/c to another and if possible share an internet connaection.What cables do i need , where do I plug them in...etc etc. Both m/c use winXP home. And both m/c are less than 2 years old....Also can my laptop be set up to access the internet using a mobile fone..for use while away from home. Any help would be appreciated...(keep it simple guys, ime no expert)...Cris

  Lú-tzé 15:51 05 Jul 2003

Easiest way: get a network card for both and a crossover cable. With only two machines there should be no problems or special software necessary (especially with winXP).

  chrissy7 15:56 05 Jul 2003

Cheers 'Lu-tze'...I'll give it a try..did'nt Know about network card...

  Lú-tzé 16:01 05 Jul 2003

"can my laptop be set up to access the internet using a mobile fone?" - yes; most mobile phones will allow you to connect via the infra-red port on the laptop if you have one. It is (well, was two years ago...) slow and painful getting net access via a regular mobile phone, but perhaps worth it...

  chrissy7 16:15 05 Jul 2003

Cheers again....I'll have a play about...does nt sound to promising tho...

  madzad 16:35 05 Jul 2003

I would also like to know more about this as I had the same problem. I wanted to transfer from my Tecra 800 (Toshiba) to a desktop both running Win 98.

I was advised at a computer fare that I should get a laplink lead, I paid for it and its stopped there as I dont have the recommended software it needs to work. I tried on several occasions to get a respoence from Toshiba UK via Email but they never replied.

Any light on this would be appreciated.


Steve (UK)

  Lú-tzé 17:15 05 Jul 2003

As you have laplink cables, have a look at the various PC mags doing the rounds and you may see LapLink 2000 free on one of them. This version (among others) is compatible with Win98.

If you cannot get it, email me via the envelope beside my name and I will send you a CD with LapLink on it.

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