Desktop ikons move erratically

  User-D8CEFA1B-E3EB-4B15-B74BFE2E08C31C91 13:40 29 Apr 2008

For the past few days, whenever I boot up my computer, my desktop icons have been moved, and line up neatly in alphabetical order on the right hand side of the desktop. Also the tick in taskbar > toobars > quick launch has been removed, meaning my quick launch bar has disappeared.
The icons are not a real problem, because I have a small program which puts them back where I want them with a couple of clicks. And I can quickly put the tick back against quick launch. But I have to do it every time I boot up and it is very annoying.
It started following my update to AVG 8 but I can find no answer from their forum nor the instruction manual, and I have tried for hours tweaking everything I can think of. Somewhere along the line, the instruction " save settings on exit" seems to have been corrupted.
Can any of the Windows experts throw any light on the problem ? (System restore will not go back)

  Sea Urchin 14:37 29 Apr 2008

If you don't mind tweaking the registry (as always, backup before you do) this link tells you how to disable "save settings on exit" so you could check in reverse - you would want the value data set to '0' I don't know whether downloading the WinGuides Tweak Manager would do it for you - quite often these "free" trials won't actually do anything much until you pay your money. Of course it may already be set to the correct value, in which case this isn't the problem.

  Sea Urchin 14:39 29 Apr 2008

Sorry - forgot the link

click here

  Diemmess 14:46 29 Apr 2008

Try right click in desktop space -
Then "Arrange icons by"

Click to clear any arrow which may be in front of Auto Arrange or Align to Grid

  BT 16:21 29 Apr 2008

Download Icon Restore. Save you Desktop layout, then if it gets disarranged just restore it.
Its very simple to use.

click here

Thanks to all for your replies, Re Icon restore as suggested by BT, I already use this and it makes the job easy, but it is annoying having to do that all the time, and I am sure there will be a proper fix somewhere out there.

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