Desktop icons...........again

  tonyx1302 18:57 13 Sep 2005

I have asked before and have checked for other posts but there doesn't seem a solution but will ask again in hope.

How can I keep web address icons on my desktop?

Most sites..ebay,Google,BBC,Yahoo etc, etc have there own logo when you log on to their website address bar and that logo is what I want to put on my desktop to use as a shortcut.

I have tried various previous suggestions, bookmarking the site to favourites then sending it to the desktop, dragging the address to the desktop etc but none have worked.

The website logo doesn't transfer or it does for a short time before reverting back to a 'e' icon, so one day I have a selection of site icons then when I reboot they have all changed back to Int/Explorer 'e' icon.

Has anyone the answer to this maddening conundrum please

With thanks


  VoG II 18:59 13 Sep 2005

Download FavOrg 1.2 from this site click here and run it.

You may need to keep the sites in Favorites.

  Simsy 19:12 13 Sep 2005

but some thoughts...

You probably have something set to clear on exit, or reboot, or something. That's why you're getting the problem. ( I didn't know the logos came onto the desktop anyway!)

A way round this, (possibly), is to "change the icon manually...

When you have loaded the site, and the icon in question appears in the address bar, this means that the icon in question must have been downloaded, to somewhere... If you can find this location, (poss Temp Internet files?), you can copy the icon to a folder which you make especially for the purpose. The icons should not be automatically deleted from here by any setting.

When you have the shortcut on the desktop right click it and choose "Properties". Then choose "change icon" and navigate to the icon you want in your special folder.

That should do it.

(Sorry if I'm a bit vague , but I use Opera so I'm not sure where the icon would be)

By the way, you can make your own icons for this purpose quite easily, using a graphics prog as simple as "Paint"...

Create a new image that is square. Design your icon. Then resize it, (using "stretch") so it is 32 pixels high and wide. Save it as a bitmap, (.bmp)

Make sure you can see file name extensions, (ie DONT have the "hide extentions of known file tpes" box ticked), then rename it with the .ico extension. You'll get the standard windows warning about changing filenames; just ignore this.

That should do it.

I hope htis helps.



  tonyx1302 20:02 13 Sep 2005

Sorry for the delay in coming back but got involved watching Watchdog.
Thanks Simsy for your thoughts and suggestions which I have bookmarked for further investigation and action. I have taken up VoG's post which he originally suggested a week or so ago when I first asked for help.I didn't try then as I didn't totally understand his post re FavOrg. ( Me being stupid not his suggestion), but have just downloaded it and have tried it with a couple of address's with their own logo and Eureka,it seems to work !

I won't green tick for twenty four hours so I can keep a check when rebooting but will come back with the answer

Many thanks both and sorry VoG for not following through when you suggested FavOrg a few days ago


  VoG II 20:20 13 Sep 2005

click here explains what it does and if you click on the links in the 'table of contents' it will tell you what the symbols in the displasy mean (and more).

However, if you try to download from that site you will be required to subscribe to a mag.

  tonyx1302 20:45 13 Sep 2005

Many thanks VoG. I have just read the pcmag post you reccomended and have saved it as well for future ref. The prog seems just right and I have now got the correct logo's on my desktop that I wanted...BBC radio/BBC video/Cahoot,computer trouble forum (!) etc. The only one that hasn't worked is Kelkoo but the article says that it is not 100% on all web sites and I can live with the 'e' for that one.

Thanks again for passing on your knowledge and help


  tonyx1302 20:49 13 Sep 2005

P.S. Sorr forgot. Your recommended 'XP Troubleshooting' site is excellent. Just where do you keep finding these little gems?

  VoG II 20:55 13 Sep 2005


I think. I was searching for the answer to a problem and happened upon one page from that site that did not contain an answer to the question that I was looking for. However I did spot something else of interest and bookmarked it. It was only later when I went back to it that I realised what a goldmine I had stumbled across.

  tonyx1302 19:46 14 Sep 2005

Just a quick update and a green tick. Your suggested FavOrg post has worked a treat. I have rebooted four/five times today and every logo has stayed as originally set on my desktop

Many thanks once again


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