Desktop Icons and Website Windows

  Angry Kid 09:22 24 Apr 2007

Morning everyone,

My icons on my desktop change positions at different times, and this is becoming very annoying. Is there something that will lock these items down and keep them in their desired positions?

Also, web pages do not open as maximised, is there a setting that needs a tweak?


Angry ;)

  johnnyrocker 09:25 24 Apr 2007

cant help much with the icon issue but as for small web pages drag to fit then close with alt F4 should solve the prob.


  Angry Kid 22:17 24 Apr 2007

johnnyrocker - thanks for the post, however, it does not appeared to have worked. ;(

Angry ;)

  Technotiger 22:29 24 Apr 2007

Hi, desktop icons - right-click on Desktop, hover cursor over Arrange icons by and then tick Align to Grid and Show desktop icons.

  Technotiger 22:33 24 Apr 2007

Web pages, Maximise by clicking on Box top right corner of window, leave Maximised and future windows should also be full-size.

  MAJ 22:38 24 Apr 2007

The correct way to open Windows in a maximised state is:

1. When first opening IE: Right-click on the IE icon on the QuickLaunch toolbar (NOT the IE icon on the Desktop), choose Properties, click the Shortcut tab. In the 'Run' field, click the dropdown arrow and choose 'Maximised' from the menu. Then Click Apply and OK to exit. To view the QuickLaunch toolbar, right-click on the Taskbar and go to Toolbars > QuickLaunch.

2. To open windows maximised when clicking on a link: First open a page with a link on it, this forum for example.
Click on the link to open the window (usually it will open smaller than maximised).
Using your mouse cursor, drag the sides of that window until the window fills the screen. Then Minimise (not close) that window you have just dragged larger.
When it is minimised you will see the original window underneath (the one containing the link you clicked earlier). Close that original window using the little 'x' in the top right-hand corner of the window.
Now restore the minimised window from the taskbar (that's the one you dragged larger) and close it also, using the little 'x' in the top right-hand corner of the window.

Now all your windows should open to full screen (or to the size you dragged the window to earlier).

  johnnyrocker 23:47 24 Apr 2007

never had it fail before.


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