Desktop icons vanished

  cdb 19:39 12 Jan 2003
  cdb 19:39 12 Jan 2003

On all the accounts on my computer (windows xp home) alot of the desktop icons have vanished sometime over the last couple of days. It happened once before, but i never found out why. Any ideas anyone?

  HiTmAN [3v1l l33t] 19:45 12 Jan 2003

might be the 'desktop cleanup wizard, killing things, did u access the icons recently?

  jediknight007 19:48 12 Jan 2003

Is it everything or just some? What kind of icons are you talking about?

  cdb 19:58 12 Jan 2003

All sorts. Epson smart panel, Fuji finepix viewer, outlook, 3dmark2001, bycicle casino games, colin macrae 2, logitech image studio, and a couple of others.

  woodchip 20:05 12 Jan 2003

Open Win Explorer make the windows smaller so you can see the desktop find the program .exe file right click and drag to desktop to create a new shortcut

  cdb 20:08 12 Jan 2003

Thank you. But i'd still like to know why they disappeared in the first place.

  shortcircuited 21:46 12 Jan 2003

could it be prooof of .......................... aliens,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,beaming up our desktop items for inspection up there?

No? I didnt think youd fall for that.

  PhilipH 00:55 13 Jan 2003

XP runs the desktop cleanup wizard automatically every 60 days, check the dislpy properties>desktop>customize desktop where you can turn it off.

  cdb 17:21 13 Jan 2003

But isn't it only supposed to remove icons that haven't been used? Ones i use have vanished and ones i don't use are still there. Might be the aliens after all. :S

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