Desktop Icons Turn To Data Files And Won't Run Prg

  oo7juk 22:01 24 Jan 2004

Hi, Hope someone may be able to help.

My desktop refreshed itself tonight, as they often do, but for some reason some of my DT icons went missing and all I have left is Data files. When I click on these files it just says windows is searching for the exe file, but it never finds them. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can retreive my missing icons.

  VoG II 22:04 24 Jan 2004

Which version of Windows?

Sorry, what is "DT".

If you right click an icon and select Properties, what does it say in the Target box?

  oo7juk 22:08 24 Jan 2004

XP and DT stands for Desktop.

When I view the target box, it provides me with the path and folder, just as normal. When I click find target it searches but no luck, says the shortcut is missing, invalid.


  ventanas 22:12 24 Jan 2004

Are the programs (.exe files) still there.

Try dragging out a new shortcut to the desktop and test it.

I assume by data files you mean with .dat extension.

  VoG II 22:13 24 Jan 2004

Try downloading TweakUI click here and use the repair feature.

  oo7juk 22:17 24 Jan 2004

Yeah they are exe files, can't even locate the original exe files to enable me to drag over a new shortcut

  VoG II 22:24 24 Jan 2004

It sounds as if the programs have been uninstalled. That would explain why the shortcut icons point to the (old) location but can't find the .exes, and why the icons have reverted to the default.

Did you add/remove any hardware or software, run any cleaning progs etc. before this happened?

You could try a System Restore but I doubt that would work as it only restores system files.

  ventanas 22:24 24 Jan 2004

Hold on, I'm confused. The "data" files on your desktop are .exe?

The programs themselves no longer exist in explorer

Is this right?

  oo7juk 22:25 24 Jan 2004

Tried that program TweakUI, but still no luck.

  ventanas 22:27 24 Jan 2004

Sorry, looks like you've hit on it. I'll back off for now.

If he hasn't done any of your suggestions there is a big problem I think.

  oo7juk 22:28 24 Jan 2004


I did remove some software tonight using Add Remove plus 2003, also have window washer loadind up on start up.

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