Desktop Icons problem

  royalex 10:13 08 Aug 2010

One of my harddrives is partitioned into two and suddenly when switching from one part to the other'all the icons move into different poitions. I place all the shortcut icons relevant to video editing, and there are very many, on one side of the desktop display and all others on the other side of the screen. As said when switching users all the icons are intermixed and it takes time to find the programme I want. I keep replacing them but they still move. I have made sure that the auto arrange is unticked. Any help welcomed I use Widows XP pro.

  Sea Urchin 11:34 08 Aug 2010

This small program won't stop the icons moving, but with a click of the mouse you can easily restore them to how they were.

click here

  royalex 12:32 08 Aug 2010

Sea urchin. Have tried to download programme twice without success

  Sea Urchin 12:37 08 Aug 2010

What problem are you having - I've just downloaded it (saved to the desktop) and it took one second

  Graphicool1 12:52 08 Aug 2010

Set the icons in the position you want them. Right click the desktop
Click 'arrange Icon's By'
Click 'Align to grid'

The only things that should be selected on this pop-up menu are...
'Align to Grid' and 'Show Desktop Icons'

Now switch to the other HD if the icon's have moved, reset them and repeat the above process.
This should sort it.

  royalex 12:53 08 Aug 2010

Thanks sea urchin. Have now downloaded ok. Programme works well. Actually on one half of the partition the icons position is saved, and as it's the half I use most, I am quite pleased. On the other half it doesn't save the position of the icons but it does restore them ok and aves a lot of time manually re-arranging them. THANKS AGAIN for your help. I still want to know whats causing the problem. I guess it could be the graphics card on it's way out, but it';s only a guess.

  royalex 13:03 08 Aug 2010

Hi Graphicool 1. What you suggest has always be done and only those two items have been ticked. But just in case I went thru' the routine again and it makes no difference. Thanks anyway for your interest.

  esbe 23:27 08 Aug 2010

try this

click here

scroll to line 188 RHS > 'Add Save & Restore desktop layout to menu'

Set your icons as you want them > R click an empty space on desktop & from the context menu select 'Save Desktop Icon layout' - you can then restore them as & when you want.


  royalex 10:36 10 Aug 2010

Thanks Esbe. Your suggested programme does the same as the one proposed by Sea Urchin and works ok. Although these two programmes make life easier, I still want to know what is causing the problem after years ofoperating the switch between the two sections of the partitioned hard drive with no problems. I want to correct by replacing part or parts that is causing the trouble. Thanks everyone who have made suggestions.

  robin_x 11:10 10 Aug 2010

I managed to lock down my icons in XP (did I really use it for 10 years?) but it has been a pain in Windows 7. All the icon stuff doesn't really work
and I have tried all of them.

I mainly use System Restore or Backup Image

But Windows 7 drove me mad with Missing Icons.

It is not the easily findable stuff like "My Computer" or "Recycle Bin" or "Network" but my shortcuts.

Buried deep in Google, I found the problem, it is MS Maintenance/and Windows Update/Knowledge Base. If you have four or five broken shortcuts on your desktop, it deletes them without asking.
I have these for my ext HDD and upstairs PC.
Of course they are not always switched on, so "broken"

You can be working away and next time you look at your desktop they are gone.

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