Desktop icons have "holes" in them

  stlucia 08:52 15 Sep 2003

The desktop shortcut icons for six programs I've installed over the past six months or so (the most recent being AOL 8 yesterday) have bits missing from them -- they look moth-eaten. The black pixels aren't the same pattern each time I boot up, but the affected icons are never 100% perfect. All other icons are perfect. The affected icons launch their programs okay.

I've run scandisk, and I've defragged. I use up-to-date AVG and have had no reported infections. I'm using Win 98SE on a 13Gb HDD with 3Gb spare, and have 256Mb RAM. Programs are always installed in the default location offered by the install disk (usually C:\program files\...).

I have a dual boot system using Win XP on my E:\ drive, and have installed some of the same programs there (E:\program files ...), and the icons are perfect there.

Any suggestions, please?

  MAJ 08:59 15 Sep 2003

If you don't already have TweakUI, download it from click here , stlucia it has a "Repair Icons" option. That might cure it for you.

  stlucia 10:04 15 Sep 2003

Thanks Maj. I've downloaded it (at work) and will give it a go tonight. I'll report back on Wednesday.

  stlucia 08:44 17 Sep 2003

Thank you. TweakUI did the job, and I was able to remove those little curly arrows from all the shortcut icons as well!

But, can anyone tell me why the icons went funny in the first place. The basic graphics information for the icons obviously wasn't corrupted, so why don't the icons refresh themselves every time I re-boot?

  MAJ 08:59 17 Sep 2003

I seem to remember that in Win 98 the ShellIconCache file used to corrupt from time to time, stlucia. Usually deleting that file, followed by a reboot, rebuilt the damaged ShellIconCache file. I think that's probably what that (repair icon) option in TweakUI simulates.

  Jester2K II 09:14 17 Sep 2003

MAJ is correct. the Icon Cache gets corrupt. TweakUI give you the ability to manually force a flush of the cache. Also helps when the worng icon turns up for a program...

  MAJ 10:26 17 Sep 2003

Thanks Jester, at least my old memory is still hanging in there. ;-)

stlucia, I did have that same problem at one time and found a way to increase the size of the cache for the icons. If you are confident about entering the registry you could try it yourself.

Start > Run, type regedit, click OK. Navigate using the little + signs to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer

click on that "Explorer" folder in the left-hand pane and it's contents will appear in the right-hand pane. Go to (on the top toolbar) Edit > New and choose "DWORD value", you'll see it appear in the right-hand pane ready to be named, call it, MaxCachedIcons (no spaces in the name). When you have renamed it, click off it then couble click it and you will see a little dialog box appear. In the "Base" section, click on "Decimal" and enter 8192 in the "Value Data" field. Click OK and exit the registry. Hopefully that will help keep your icons from corrupting in the future. It helped mine.

Obviously, take the precaution of backing up your registry before editing it.

  MAJ 10:29 17 Sep 2003

"couble click".... should read.... double click.

  stlucia 11:29 17 Sep 2003

Thanks Maj and Jester2K II. If the problem happens again I'll have a go at increasing the icon cache size. For the moment, since it's working after running TweakUI, I'm going to leave well alone.

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