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  Ms_Dial 00:38 05 Apr 2008

I'm running WinXP sp2 on an emachines T5212. Yesterday most of my desktop icons stop displaying their normal graphics and are showing a white squared icon with a blue bordered top that I do not like. I've tried System Restore and changing the desktop theme then tried Display Prop - Desktop - Customize Desktop and through here was able to get my Recycle Bin and My Computer icons to display properly but the rest? Nada. They still look ugly; see pic a href="click here">here /a>.

What can I do to fix this?

If link code above doesn't work, go here:
click here


  brundle 01:23 05 Apr 2008

Do the icons still work when clicked on?
Get TweakUI click here, select Repair, make sure "Rebuild Icons" is showing in the box, click Repair Now

  Ms_Dial 01:35 05 Apr 2008

Yes, the icons still functioned, just their display graphic was problematic. Thank you very much for the Tweak suggestion, it worked and they're fixed now! :)



  sunny staines 01:40 05 Apr 2008

do you mean like this

click here

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