Desktop Icons Disappeared!

  warthog01 18:42 22 Jan 2009


All my desktop icons have disappeared! They still exist, because if I click the >> next to desktop on the taskbar, they all come up vertically in a wide gray strip, but I can't drag & drop or otherwise get them onto the desktop. Can anyone help?



  birdface 18:45 22 Jan 2009

Try right clicking the middle of the screen.Arrange icons By.And make sure show desktop icons is ticked.

  baldydave 19:40 22 Jan 2009

My daughters vista laptop does this from time to time,do as buteman says,if already ticked then untick come out of it then right click again pick arrange icons by and tick again,they should now appear

  warthog01 20:04 22 Jan 2009

Thanks, but when I right click on the desktop, all options are grayed out!

  birdface 22:51 22 Jan 2009

Maybe time to run your security programs.

  rdave13 23:17 22 Jan 2009

If XP try running "restore desktop icons and taskbar", 195 right column, click here .Instructions on running fixes at top.

  Zeppelyn 23:18 22 Jan 2009

1. Click Start > yourname > Desktop Folder

Are all your icons in there?

2. Delete the file C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\IconCache.db

It will be recreated when you reboot and hopefully problem solved.


  warthog01 00:56 23 Jan 2009

rdave & Zeppelyn

Thanks, but no joy with either of these.........

  User-1229748 01:33 23 Jan 2009

some ideas hereclick here

  warthog01 06:48 23 Jan 2009


This is likely to be the problem, but I don't know how to fix it. After I deleted C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\IconCache.db, it didn't appear to be recreated when I re-booted.

Also, in thinking about it--I lost the icons after removing a small program called Iconoid from my computer in control panel>add/remove programs.

Thanks again.

  rdave13 08:52 23 Jan 2009

Try a system restore to before installing Iconid.

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